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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Oh thy king of majesty!!!

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 Oh thy king of majesty!!!

Oh thy king of majesty!
In all thy glory I sing to thee
praise praise be to thee
I have victory in thee

With fires of love you branded me
now my lips sing praise to thee.
A wretched heart of stone was me
Thy grace and love now set me free
In Christ alone VICTORY!! never I but christ in me.

Oh what joy to thy father
In thy glory in all thy honor.
Love so divine and sweet kiss of favour
not in I but Christ in I and only Christ and never I shall bring such honor to thy God.
Oh thy king thy king of majesty!!
Praise praise be to thee in Christ I gain thy Victory.


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 Re: Oh thy king of majesty!!!

AMEN! Did that come right out of your heart? Very true and encouraging! Thanks so much for sharing.


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 Re: Oh thy king of majesty!!!

Hello there.

I would like to post a very old hymn from the 1860's about our Savior, on His way to Calvary on an April evening, at the time of Passover, 2000 years ago. I think that most Christians of today would find little meaning in this song. However, in the late 19th Century it was very, very popular and provided deep meaning to the body of Christ.

All in the April evening
April airs were abroad;
The sheep with their little lambs
Passed me by on the road.

The sheep with their little lambs
Passed me by on the road;
All in the April evening
I thought on the Lamb of God.

The lambs were weary and crying
With a weak, human cry.
I thought on the Lamb of God
Going meekly to die.

Up in the blue, blue mountains
Dewy pastures are sweet;
Rest for the little bodies,
Rest for the little feet.

But for the Lamb of God,
Up on the hill-top green,
Only a cross of shame
Two stark crosses between.

All in the April evening,
April airs were abroad;
I saw the sheep with their lambs,
And thought on the Lamb of God.

Rejoicing in Jesus!


 2007/2/16 2:30Profile

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