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 Red Devil...what is in a name?

To those of you whom like soccer, or better yet, to those that love Jesus, may be interested to know that Korea is winning the war against the Red Devil.

This article was written in 2002 about the Korean soccer team:

SEOUL, South Korea -- Known as the 'Red Devils', they are regarded as among the most fanatical supporters in the world, following their beloved South Korean national football side wherever it goes.

South Korea traditionally play in red uniforms and thousands of their fans fill stadiums with sound and color -- draping themselves in red, cheering, waving flags and banging drums -- urging their team on.

But with the most prestigious football tournament less than two months away, the Red Devils are again provoking the ire of some Korean religious groups.

South Korea is co-hosting the World Cup finals with Japan which begin May 31, and locals will be out in force joining the more die-hard Red Devils.

Worried that the term 'Red Devils' has connotations with Satanism that would dishonor South Korea, church groups have re-launched a campaign to change the name.

Some want the Red Devils to become the Red Tigers, or something without the religious overtones.

Other groups have set up Internet petitions and public rallies while a separate group has set up its own rival cheer squad called the 'White Angels'.

Such suggestions have been completely rejected by the Red Devils who say there are more focused on the upcoming World Cup to worry about changing a name.

Christians make up about 25 percent of South Korea's population according to data from a 1999 census. Buddhists compromise 26.3 percent, while agnostics and atheists account for 46.4 percent.

And once the action begins on the pitch, local news media say that most South Koreans will be more concerned about whether their team makes it to the tournament's second round than the name of their fans doing their best to get them there.


From what I have been learning is that over the past several years there had been a continued campaign to change the name of their team. Many pastors and other Christians believe that many problems South Korea has faced over the past 10 years has been related to the name change of the soccer team, including the loss to Switzerland in the 2006 World Cup, a predominately Christian country (well, at least one with a cross on their flag).

It is known that many non-christians (buddhists and other idol worshipers, including satanic) go to the soccer games to 'feed' off of the power in the stadiums, while sacrificing animals for rituals.

A year or so ago, a Christian that works for a popular television station (mbc) aired a program that refuted these devil worshipers and anounced that this will have to stop. Many people threatened his life with phone calls and letters. He was fired, but then a band of pastors rallied to protect him.

The other day, it was anounced that there will be no more red devil name advertised or celebrated by Korean soccer fans. They are putting it into law of somesort. This, I believe, is a small, but significant victory again satan. God had a hand in this, so that the devil gains no more strongholds here in Korea.

These same pastors are rallying for a new president in next years election. He is a christian and he vowed years ago to give Seoul (Korea) back over to God. South Korea's government now is corrupt (I guess that can be said for a lot of governments), but Christians here have a new hope in a new presidential candidate.

Some of you may know more about this than I do. I first heard about the name change plan two months ago and I do not follow soccer enough to know any better, but it is somewhat interesting.

As for the new president...pray. South Korea needs God. I believe the world needs South Korea to have God as their father, because of its location. Some strange and unfortunate things would happen if North Korea, Japan, China, or Russia were to take over this little piece of land, which is probably why their are well over 30,000 American troops stationed here.

Any thoughts?

God Bless God,

 2007/2/15 17:41

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 Re: Red Devil...what is in a name?

As a huge soccer fan and an even bigger fan of Jesus. Thanks for the neat posting.



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