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 What a Wretch I Am

I read this in my morning devotion:

'Will you not this day make it your prayer?

"Lord, help me to glorify Thee; I am poor, help me to glorify Thee by contentment; I am sick, help me to give Thee honour by patience; I have talents, help me to extol Thee by spending them for Thee; I have time, Lord, help me to redeem it, that I may serve Thee; I have a heart to feel, Lord, let that heart feel no love but Thine, and glow with no flame but affection for Thee; I have a head to think, Lord, help me to think of Thee and for Thee; Thou hast put me in this world for something, Lord, show me what that is, and help me to work out my life-purpose: I cannot do much; but as the widow put in her two mites, which were all her living, so, Lord, I cast my time and eternity too into Thy treasury; I am all Thine; take me, and enable me to glorify Thee now, in all that I say, in all that I do, and with all that I have."'

It pained me to pray this. What a wretch I am. God help me.

 2007/2/15 4:06

 Re: What a Wretch I Am

He just did.

because you confessed it, and He is faithful, loving, merciful and compassionate.

He will never leave you. never.

blessed be thee, I mean

blessed be you. (thats the NIV in me)


Laugh in the Lord. Joy to your Helper.


 2007/2/15 4:22

 Re: What a Wretch I Am

What a wretch I am

I'm right there with ya... Sometimes I wonder why God ever bothered with me.


 2007/2/15 6:50

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I have been reading a small book about John Hyde, missionary to India, and in this book was a small quote made to a young person in prayer. The young man was praying, "Lord, give me thy heart of love for sinners, thy broken heart for their sins, Thy tears with which to admonish night and day, but O Lord, I feel so cold! My heart is so hard and dead. I am so lukewarm!"
A friend had to interrupt and said, "Why are you looking down at your poor self, brother? Of course your heart is cold and dead. but you have asked for the broken heart of Jesus, His love, His burden for sin. His tears. Is He a liar? then why look away from His heart to your own."
I found in 1 Peter chapter one that we are complete in Christ Jesus. Were we battled to perform the law, to do, to do and fail, to do and fail; Christ now fulfills and performs and completes. Now, we look to Him, as we give our two mites and He can complete all in us. Do you believe that He is able to do this, do you want Him to? Praise to Him who is more capable than all of us put together and we are complete in Him...


 2007/2/15 8:33Profile

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