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When should a hard word come forth, from the pulpit and in our personal lives?

Hard words are often necessary, but I think they can and should be spoken with humility and love. It is much easier for the person being spoken to to receive the truth if they know the person speaking cares for them. If you care about a person you probably would rather not speak those hard words but you do it because you love them and know they need to hear it. On the other hand there are people who love to speak hard words to others. You can see the satisfaction eeking from them, but they do not speak out of love and a broken heart they speak from their prideful humanity.

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Goi, if we review the original post the author is not saying there is never a time for a hard word. Here is the context of the admonition again...

Many times I've noticed when there are members of the site inquiring about a topic in Scripture, or asking an honest question, or seeking counsel regarding something, there are some who tend to throw Scriptures at them, pound them, and almost have a religous attitude towards them like they're out of their mind. It's not like there is a rebellion or blatant sin taking place. It's simply an inquiring heart.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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thank you for clarifying that..

yes again, i am posting this in regards to inquiring people, not those that need to be rebuked.

plus, i think if someone is supposed to get rebuked, who in the world enjoys rebuking people?

Scripture shows its difficult to rebuke. Paul wept and had a hard time at the thought of rebuking Corinth. The prophets struggled and wept and had a hard time bringing it forth.

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