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 The Street Meetings of God, Volume 4

We would very much like to continue sharing some of the many witness encounters that we have experienced over recent years, to try and encourage those that are strong and mature in the faith, to also take up the Great Commission and try and reach lost souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, because an estimated 150,000 people die EVERYDAY, that's 7,000 an hour!


We were greeted in town this morning by a cold and heavy midst, which seemed to come and go, as it pleased.

First up, James had the good pleasure to spend 10 mins with a middle-aged self-righteous Catholic, who quickly told him how she’d never lied, stolen or hated anybody in her life. You sure meet em’ on the streets, don’t you. This lady also thought little of the concept of Heaven and Hell, with a firm view of universalism (something very popular in Catholicism and many areas of Protestantism today.) “Was she Born Again”, he asked her? “No, I am not.” “Are you perfect”? “No, I am not.” She then proceeded to tell him, how she doubted that Jesus had even commanded both expressions in the NT. The Bible to her wasn’t infallible therefore one is able to pick and choose as they wish. James then asked her if she believed in any form of justice. She shrugged, “I guess.” Further probing and she confessed to “hating” her daughter (1 John 3:15) but loving her grandchildren. Asked how she’d feel if someone harmed one of them, she replied she’d “kill them.” One more once, James asked her if she believed in justice here on earth, shouldn’t God demand the same for Heaven? “Yes, I suppose”, she said. “How would you like to spend eternity in Heaven with rapists and murderers”, she was asked? No answer. James pleaded with her to go home and read her dusty Bible. He might just as well asked her to go home and make a dental appointment, by the look on her face. She was further told to humble herself and repent, otherwise the Lake of Fire awaited her, and James took no enjoyment in warning her of this (Ezek 3:18-20.)

Next up, Geraldine spent 25 mins with an old Existentialist. This old boy has been spoken to before, but this was the first time she had the chance to witness, and God willing plant another seed.

James then spoke to two elderly Methodists, who confessed to not being Born Again. Once it was explained to them that this is an impetrative command, they slighted softened their stance and listened while it was explained how one can be very religious (my father went to church 7 days a week and was on many committees for years) and yet still not be saved. One listened while the other walked away. James explained what Born Again meant (faith and repentance in Christ) and with that the old dear thanked him, wished him well and caught up with her friend.

Patrick made base with the local Calvinist Pastor. It may be a long haul with them, to try and get them to see the need to abandon this heretical system called TULIP.

Next up, James spent time with a Quaker giving out “ban the bomb” flyers. Usual left wing activities. He asked why it is that such people never protest outside the Russian or Chinese Embassy (Russia has more nuclear warheads than the US.) He thought they did, but James told him they didn’t, and certainly not in China! He too, like the Catholic lady, thought little of the Bible and Jesus. Its all parables, he thought. James and Patrick rebuked him, by pointing out how George Fox (the founder of the Quakers) would not have condoned of what this man was now doing, for Fox was an ardent street preacher and dedicated man of God, who would have joined us on the town steps preaching and not wasting his time trying to ban the bomb. Our Quaker friend fired back by telling us that Fox would have been wrong then.

After 4 hours we packed up and headed off home, but not before two heroin addicts congregated around us. One of them could hardly stand up right (may have been drunk), so James gave them one of his George Best tracts. And with that off we went.

Please would you pray for the people spoken to today?

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