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 Calvanism,Armenism etc

Does anyone know of a book or a website that explains the meanings,origins,differences,etc of different religions and sects (not sure if thats the right term).For instance, what are the beliefs of Armenism (sp?) Calvanism? Also, are they in the same ,if you will, area of religion as Methodist,Pentecostal,Presbyterian? I hope I am getting the right point across. Someone pointed out a great website a while back called It really helped me in some cases, but not really in this area.
GOD Bless


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 Re: Calvanism,Armenism etc

Brother, I do not know where exactly yo direct you for an unbiased view on these, as either side takes their banner very seriously. But I have learned quite a bit from this site

[ ]Monergism[/url]
It is done by Reformed folks, but usually under some of the debates they present booth sides pretty well.
Have fun, and listen to the Shepherd's voice alone in this quest, as there are many who will say, "lo He is here, or lo He is there"

patrick heaviside

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