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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What happens when a christian has alzheimers?

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 What happens when a christian has alzheimers?

Hallo. What happens when a christian get alzheimers and forgets everything? Do they go to Hell?


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 Re: What happens when a christian has alzheimers?

No, of course they dont go to hell. At some point during this unfortunate disease the person loses the ability to control things such as memory and what not, and God does not hold them responsible at that point.

Like the husband who cares for an aging wife or a wife who is rendered paralyzed by a car accident... the husband doesnt stop loving her or being her husband just because she is incapable of even the most basic physical abilities as a human, right?

Jesus never gave us permission to divorce our spouse because of disabilities.

How much more will God keep us? Much!

Our salvation is not based on our physical abilities... or lack of.


 2007/2/1 10:36

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Oh no. God would never turn away from a dear saint who battles Alzheimer's. Our salvation is by grace. Hebrews 13:5 says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

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 Re: What happens when a christian has alzheimers?

Baptists have a doctrine, for the sake of a better name we'll call it the 'age of consent.' It can be supported by bible verses but isn't specifically found in any. So here goes.

What happens to babies and people with down syndrom?

If they were never mentally old enough to make a choice for Jesus one way or another... if they pass away, we suppose that they will recieve mercy from God. We can look at verses like Jesus saying to the children, 'only such as these...' etc.

As for a person with alzheimers it'd a different story, because they lose that ability that they already had. I have a couple of thoughts on this.

My Grandmother before she passed away, about a year before, started speaking to everyone in an Eastern Europian dialect that no one could identify. We knew her parents had taught her their native language (they were gypses) as a child, and that she ahd learned english second. In her last years she reverted back to her childhood, to her first language.

The bible tells us to store up in our hearts the word of God in our youth, and I believe this is in provision for this circumstance partly.

I have heard beautiful stories of old women who have forgotten the faces of their children, but remember hymns, and talk about Jesus as if he was as real to them as the children sitting next to their bed.

When we make Jesus the singular focus of our hearts, we may lose everything else, even our memories, but we'll still have him.

And God forbid that we even lose that, and the ability to speak and we die... I believe Jesus will honor the profession of faith that we made in our youth.

Ian Smith

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 Re: What happens when a christian has alzheimers?

I have a friend who knew a wonderful Christian lady who had Alzheimers. She was very sweet and the light of Jesus showen on her face. Every one that knew her loved her peace and contentment. The disease displayed her surrender to Christ, were as in other non-Christians they can be a real job to handle. Her husband wrote about his time caring for her, I'll try to find out the name of the book.

God knows their heart. I know we shouldn't say that about every person we meet, because some are just out and out living in sin. He knows when we are truely living for Him even in the midst of Alzheimers disease.



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The book is called, I'll Move Over by Rev. Bob Boggs.



 2007/2/1 18:02Profile

 Re: What happens when a christian has alzheimers?

I work for the Alzheimer's Society as a sitter, and, before that, worked for nearly 20 years in nursing homes.

I can testify from personal experience that, even when the brain and mind are unable to function normally, the spirit of a person is awake and aware. That is true of every kind of mental disability.

Two particular occasions while working in an EMI (elderly mentally infirm)nursing home illustrate this.

One time, a lovely old gentleman was pottering around nearby while the staff were having a cup of tea. He had gone beyond being able to speak or respond to anything said to him. I was given a rare opportunity to testify of how much Jesus meant to me. As I did so this dear man beamed all over his face - though he couldn't have understood the wordsthat were said!

Another old man had wandered into the bathroom during the night and must have sat on the edge of the bath, fallen down inside, bottom first, and got stuck. He couldn't have been there long but was very relieved to be rescued. Ignoring my companion he turned to me, threw his arms around me and exclaimed, "Lord, Lord, Lord! God bless you my dear, God bless you!"

He was able to speak but was at the stage where his speech was normally very confused indeed. Before this, though he was a lovable character, he had shown no signs whatsoever of having any leanings towards God.

That experience was especially precious because I was feeling very "down" that night, thinking I was a failure and useless and maybe should give up the job!

Sometimes I wonder if the lack of normal intelligence or understanding is an advantage - the response is spirit to spirit, without all the complicated arguments and doubts of many of us "brainy" folk!

Has anyone tried speaking in tongues to someone with dementia?

Of course, if they aren't Christians you may get a negative reaction!


 2007/2/1 18:15

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