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 Re: 4 day revival


KrispyKrittr wrote:
DIEDTOSELF 40 seconds ago

LOL... thats great!

Kinda reminds me of a church sign I saw once that said:

[b]4 Day Revival![/b]

I thought to myself "Wonder what happens on the 5th day?? Go back to the bar?"


[b][color=000066]I understand that this is just the American way of announcing a series of Christian meetings.

Hope none of you are offended if I wonder if that reflects the American tendency (at least with some) to think you can do [/color][/b][u][i][b][color=000099]anything[/color][/b][/i][/u],
[b][color=000099]even organise a revival. [/color][/b]

[b][color=000099]Good on you for the stout, independent pioneering spirit (unlike our European apathy), but I got news for you, you can't organise GOD!!! ;-)

Jeannette [/color][/b]

 2007/2/2 15:07



LittleGift wrote:
I'm glad the Lord has a sense of humour though,as sort of "spoonful of sugar" to make the spiritual "castor oil" more palatablequote]

[b]Spiritual castor oil causes spiritual purging, of course.

And while we're on the subject, do you know why prunes are called "missionaries"?

Because they go into dark places and do good! :-P


 2007/2/2 15:25



philologos wrote:
Another incident had me chuckling today. I have been reading a book called [url=]Rare Earth[/url] It was a gift from a friend who ‘understands these things’. This is my second reading, my science is stretched to breaking point. The writers are not Christian but they are examining just how likely it is that ‘life’ exists on other planets; the answer is ‘not very’. They explain the ‘big bang’ and how all the atoms in the universe arrived immediately! and then go on to explain how different elements may have arrived. It is when I got to the ‘biogenic elements’ that they had me laughing. I quote… The arrival of the ‘biogenic elements’ on Earth is a matter of considerable speculation, but it is [b]likely[/b] that most of them came from the outer regions. In the coldest outer regions of the nebula, water and nitrogen and carbon compounds [b]could[/b] condense to form solids. Presolar interstellar solids carrying the light elements were also preserved in this region. Although most of these materials stayed in the outer solar system, some would [b]ultimately[/b] have reached Earth by scattering. When they passed near an outer planet, their orbits about the sun [b]could[/b] have been significantly altered, [b]sometimes[/b] sending them toward the sun, where they [b]might[/b] collide with terrestrial planets. Such gravitational effects from encounters with planets [b]can[/b] cause asteroidal and cometary debris, rich in light elements, to assume earth-impacting orbits. This ‘cross-talk’ [u]caused[/u] some degree of mixing between different feeding zones and provided a means of bringing the building blocks of life to what might otherwise have been a lifeless planet lacking in many biogenic elements because it formed too close to the sun.Did you notice how all those “likely”, “could”, "ultimately", “might” and “can” words suddenly morphed into “This ‘cross-talk [u]caused[/u] some degree of mixing…” and from there on there nothing stopping the theory actually working. From the vaguest speculations to a solid foundation in a single paragraph.

It’s going to be difficult to take the rest of the book seriously after this.

BTW this [b]is[/b] an interesting book for any whose science is better than mine.

[b][size=xxsmall][color=660000]Its unbelievable how stupid some intelligent folk can be. A good illustration of "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God'"

A good creationist website is

I became a Christian when studying Biological sciences. At first it didn't occur to me to question Evolution. Then someone challenged me, how I could believe that if I was a Christian.

I was furious! But then started thinking, "Why am I so angry if its only a theory? I must have been brainwashed!"

What a liberation that was! Suddenly the many flaws in the Evolutionary concept, and therefore in the "science" that springs from it, began to be clear.

Although, sadly, I have recently realised that there are true, born-again Christians who are scientists, or at least know something about science, yet still believe in Evolution (with the proviso that God created the processes by which it came about).

How thay can I don't know


 2007/2/2 15:38

 Re: Stupid scientists


LittleGift wrote:

Its unbelievable how stupid some intelligent folk can be. A good illustration of "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God'"

[b][color=660000]One of my lecturers in those days was talking about the "origin of life". He described how the wind MIGHT have whipped up the "primitive" sea, and caused tiny spherical bodies called "coacerates" (spelling?) to form; which "COULD" have been the precursors of living cells.He innocently remarked, "There must have been some almighty winds in those days".

He didn't have a clue how near the truth he'd got - by accident.

I sat blissfully meditating on Genesis 1, when THE Almighty Wind, the Spirit of God, (could be translated "a mighty rushing wind") moved on the face of the waters...

...OH! Just noticed the connection with Acts 2! WOW!!!


 2007/2/2 15:59

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Has anyone here heard of Gerald Schroeder? He is a Jewish theologian who happens to be a nuclear physicist at MIT. He wrote a fascinating book on Genesis and evolution called "The Science of God," in which he makes an argument that evolution without guidance of God is absurd, but that God could of used evolution and have it still be consistent with a rather literal interpretation of scripture (that is 7 days means 7 days, thanks to help from Einstein's theory of relativity).

Here is a link to his website, and some articles he has written:

The book had an extremely large impact on me because at the time I read it, I was a skeptic because of science. I use some of his argument sometimes to when I witness. If someone worships evolution, it is nice to be able to show them why even if they want to believe in it, it isn't enough. I no longer need to wrap my faith around science, but it is refreshing to know that without God, not even scientific "explanations" make a hint of sense.

 2007/2/2 16:36Profile

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