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Jay... not sure I have an answer for your question about Rev. 20:14. I will look into it.

As for Lazarus and the rich man, it was a parable. Just like the story of the widow who gave all she had when she was in the temple. We dont question whether the temple was real or figurative... we know the temple existed. Same for Lazarus and the rich man. Fictional characters to drive home a point, but the story is based on a real place. It's the secondary point of the story. Point one is... when you die you get no second chances. Point two... if you blow your first chance you will find yourself in a place of torment beyond your human imagination.

Jesus used fictional characters (altho, they may have been real!), and we can understand why. But why give such a descriptive picture of hell if hell isnt really like that? That would by deceptive, and there is no deceit in Christ.

People who make the argument that it was a parable and so we cant rely on Jesus' description in that story are not using their brains. They proove that the issue is that they do not want to believe hell is real, and hell is hot. It contradicts what they want to believe, so they brush it aside as if it means nothing.

Fact is... Jesus described hell in literal terms in that parable. To say He made it up knowing it was different is to call God a liar.

So next time someone tells you that, explain to them what I just told you.


 2007/2/1 9:48

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Point one is... when you die you get no second chances. Point two... if you blow your first chance you will find yourself in a place of torment beyond your human imagination.

I am glad you said that. That is the crux of the matter and that is beyond dispute. Regardless of whether the flames are literal (as I see presented in scripture) or if they are figurative the point is that it is a place of torment.

I was sadly disappointed in that section of A Case for Faith because the 'scholar' did not defend the doctrine and reality of hell insomuch as he redefined it to make it more palatable for others.

I am looking forward to hearing more from you and others about the Revelation 20:14 verse.

One thing I know is true, let me appear a fool before men and true to God and His word.


 2007/2/1 10:49Profile


yea, it's kinda like the Mormons. They don't believe in hell. They believe every single person goes to heaven. You have a soul? Then you go to heaven.

My Mormon neighbor declared to me that Hitler is in heaven... just a lower heaven than most. I'm in like a second tier of heaven cuz I'm a good guy. Some Mormons will be in like a 4th tier of heaven, and the really holy Mormons are in the greatest of heavens.

My point in saying this is... when they put it that way, I think to myself "Self... why do I need to become a Mormon if I'm going to heaven anyway?? I know I'm not in the top tier, but hey... I can party my way thru life here, and there's no punishment! Cool!"

So when people make hell less scarey it has the opposite effect than what they think. People start to think "Hell aint a bad place to be!" (to quote AC/DC)

It's like Catholics with their bogus pipe dream called Purgatory... You can do anything you want here on earth, and work it off in Purgatory. Nope, sorry. If you blow your one chance to be set free by Jesus in this life, you wont get another.


 2007/2/1 11:04

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