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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Open Air Preachers -- Differences... why?

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Rochester, New York

 Open Air Preachers -- Differences... why?

I have been thinking about why there are so many differences in the preaching methods of "open air preachers" on the street of today. Maybe this is my own observation and struggle to find Biblically how Jesus wants us to preach in the "open air" to those who are perishing. God used an open air preacher to awake me of my sin and cause me to reflect on my sinful, false conversion of faith for 20+ years so I completely believe in OA preaching. I have started doing it of late where I live.

It seems like there is a strange divide among a profound use of open air preachers of today.

What is God trying to show us here brothers/sisters?


Doug Renz

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 Re: Open Air Preachers -- Differences... why?

this maybe a bad illustration, but i liked it when an older preacher told me how to preach, but he was referring to when preaching to Christians... but anyway he said something like this
- Look there! do you see Jesus? here is the way.... WALK IT!


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North West England

 Re: Open Air Preachers -- Differences... why?

Last week I was listening to a guy called Scott on Way of the Master Radio, and I concidered how different he was to the way I preach. I believe God showed me that there are different ways to get the message across.

When Scott preached, he attracted a crowd, somehow, that wasn't on the recording, and while he spoke, people shouted at him and he tried to answer their questions.

When I preach, there is no crowd, just people walking by, and there are no hecklers. The advantage to this is that I can get the whole Gospel out, I can say what God gives me without interuption.

I am not saying Scott is wrong, on the contrary he answered the hecklers very well, but he could only get halfway through a message before someone interupted him.

And I'm not saying no one listens when I preach, they do, I can see them, but there is no crowd.

It's different styles but I believe God can use either and both to get the Gospel to the public.

Anyone else with any views?


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Anyone else with any views?

I don't know any street preachers that don't want people to crowd around them while they preach. Everyone I know wants the people to come and listen and even ask questions. I've preached when there were crowds that gathered and when they just stood afar of or even just listen while passing by.

Why are there differences? Why are there differences between "pulpit" preachers?

Josh Parsley

 2007/1/30 16:17Profile

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