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Recently I watched a DVD that really spoke to me about the heart of a Christian. It is called THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED, BY WALT DISNEY. A young twenty year old caddy named Francis Ouimet has a love and a gift for the game of golf. He is from the wrong side of the tracks so his father and others think there is no possible future for him in golf. However, his love of the game cause him to practice and eventually others in positions of authority notice his talent.

Ouimet is ultimately asked to play as an amateur in the U.S. Open Championship against the best pros in the world. He passed the qualifying rounds and wins his spot. It seems impossible that this could happen to an unknown.

This is where I began to chew on the story. I know nothing about golf, have never played, but I saw a character displayed in this young man that we as Christians need.

As he started the games he had a caddy that bailed out on him because he was offered more money by another player. In fairness to him, he needed the money for his family, so his motives were to provide for him own.

Ouimet ended up with a tiny short ten year old caddy named Eddie that could barely carry the clubs above the ground, but he had real heart. This tiny lad, who believed in Francis, poured his heart into supporting Ouimet. He was up every morning even in downpours to carry those clubs. He was to give advice and encouragement to Francis that calmed his nerves and helped him to make good decisions that finally won him the U.S. Open Championship.

At one point when Francis got close to winning the officials wanted him to take a more “appropriate” caddy instead of a runt. Ouimet stood by Eddie and refused another, telling the officials not to speak to his caddy again. Eddie wiped the tear stains from his face and said they told me you would want another caddy. Francis told him we are a team, it was a good thing too, the encouragement and ability of Eddie to help him to focus enabled him to calm down enough to win. His spunky little comments helped plant Francis' feet solidly on the ground, the love of the game came into focus again, instead of the crouds or negative taunts.

Having said all that, I am reminded of Saul giving David his armor to fight Goliath. David would not fight with armor or weapons that were unproven by time. It was the humble stone and sling shot that brought the beast to the ground.

We as Christians desperately need one another. If we have been walking with the Lord for a long time we need the zeal and encouragement of our younger brothers and sisters to make it. The least learned can have a word that will strengthen and encourage us for the next mile, and we them.

1. 1Cr 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

That Ouimet would stick with his humble caddy puzzled the minds of the elite. But his tried and true caddy was instrumental in winning the Championship. Eddie became Francis' lifelong friend.

The humblest parts can be the most important parts. We better stand by and value our brothers and sisters in the Lord no matter what their age or maturity level. They may have the very word we need to conquer giants.

This movie is worth a watch. Clean and uplifting.


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