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 Swim in an ocean of unmixed delight -boston

[b]Swim in an ocean of unmixed delight[/b]

(Thomas Boston, "Human Nature in its Fourfold State")

Heaven is a paradise of pleasure and delight. The glorified
saints are advanced to this heavenly paradise. There they
shall not only see, but "eat of the tree of life, which is in the
midst of the paradise of God," Rev. 2:7. They shall behold
the Mediator's glory, and be satisfied with His goodness.
They shall "drink from Your rivers of delight," Psalm 36:8,
the sweetest and purest pleasures which Immanuel's land
affords, and shall swim in an ocean of unmixed delight

They shall lack nothing that may contribute to their full
satisfaction. They may go forever through Immanuel's
land, and behold the glory and riches thereof, with the
satisfying thought--that all they see is eternally their
own! "He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will
be his God and he will be My son!" Revelation 21:7

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 Re: Swim in an ocean of unmixed delight -boston

Doesn't this make you want heaven? Why do we hold so dearly to the things of this world?

They are of no value, worthless and fast fading.

There is nothing in this world to delight in, except the salvation of a soul.

God bless.

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 Re: Swim in an ocean of unmixed delight -boston

Again brother Art Katz in his book " Apostolic Foundations" talks about having an eternal mindset. This is such an awesome book I read it twice back to back and am feeling another read coming on! This is not our home. We long for another.


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