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I seem to recollect that Bono and the Edge(guitarist) both went to some form of a Christian ministry in their early days with U2. I think they had an intellectual belief in the gospel. While there is little in their first album "Boy" that I can find to indicate this, there are a lot of lyrics on "October" that do seem to indicate a genuine faith. This is not to say their faith was real, only that the lyrics on this album make it seem true. "War" also has lyrics which lean toward this conclusion.

Unfortuneately, Bono's troubles lay in his compassion for a poverty stricken world. His initial faith has become bitterness toward God. He blames God for the evils of this world, believing that He could fix it all if he wanted to. His bitterness has fulfilled the scripture(Hebrews 12:15) and is now defiling many.

On a seperate note. Lucifer is called the "son of the morning" in Is 14:12. Many believe, as do I, that he was the archangel in charge of worship before the throne of God. He is a skilled musician. When he fell from glory he lost none of this ability. I am convinced that he is able to pass along this skill to musicians who are open to his influence. This is similar to God's annointing on a preacher as he speaks from the pulpit, only the fruit thereof is to deceive rather than illuminate.

Take a look at this list of perhaps the most highly regarded rock bands.

The Beattles- John mocked the Lord, claiming they were even bigger than Him.
The Rolling Stones- "Sympathy for the devil" need I say more
Led Zeppelin- Stairway to heaven may be the most popular rock song ever, written in 1/2 an hour. Contains the line "Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road your on." When this is played backwards- and yes I've heard it myself- it says "O my sweet satan, whose power is satan." Mankind is incapable of porposely creating this phenomena.
The Who- The rock opera "Tommy" is nothing less than a full out mockery of the gospel
Pink Floyd- "Time" is an anthem to the futility of life
and add...U2 "Wake up dead man"? Who are we kidding here?

To my natural man, there is no music more enjoyable than the above mentioned bands. I would call there music flat out incredible. But the Holy Scriptures warn us to have a discernment regarding evil, and this is evil.

Doing my best to speak the truth in love,


Doug Fussell

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 Re: u2 hymns

ahhh yes, these rockers are getting older and now they are seeing their lives pass before them, now it's time to play a little gospel music, perhaps it will appease God so that He will let them into heaven, without putting their faith in Jesus Christ of course.

Many have been duped by Elvis over the years because he had some sort of Christian background and he sang hymns. But Jesus Christ was NOT his LORD, the god of this world was. (Whether he was saved or not, I do not know).

Many Christians get fooled because a celebrity sings gospel music that they are Christians. They are dead singers, singing to the dead. We who are alive should know the difference between whats talent and whats anointed of God.

 2007/2/4 17:21

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Hi,i use to be a massive fan of U2 right from the beginning when they were members of house church in Dublin called Shalom..

Bono in his recent concert did says Jesus, Jew, Mohamed, It's true, all sons of Abraham,is that statement any different then the witness book called Ishmael my cousin?

Do i agree with all this Eucharists stuff of course not,but does he?? I rather think he would be embarrassed by it..

I notices my old church played a clip of U2 in a sermon,but I'm not sure thats a position Bono would be comfortable with,but its hardly his fault..

His he saved? who am i to say but someone who says

I'm holding out for Grace. I'm holding out that Jesus took my sins onto the Cross, because I know who I am, and I hope I don't have to depend on my own religiosity Bono 08/2005

I'm hopeful


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