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Discussion Forum : General Topics : A dream I had last night. Spiritual warfare?

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Joined: 2006/2/11
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Philadelphia PA

 A dream I had last night. Spiritual warfare?

Goodmorning everyone. I would like to share some details of a dream I had last night with you all. As far as I know there is nothing prophetic about it and I do not share it at all for that intent.

The part of the dream I remember began with me and my wife being in some sort of apartment in the inner city somewhere. A man came to our door and asked us to come with him to help as there was a girl who had been posessed of a demon. I remember him relating something about catholic priests that had tried to perform an exorcism upon her and that, if I recall correctly, at least one of the priests had died or was killed because of it?

We went with him and as soon as we got to the place I saw a group of people in a circle praying(around the girl I think). I remember distinctly however how my wife and I went right past them into this open room of sorts and began to pray in and speak in tounges and immediately I also remember feeling the awareness of the evil spirit, a very distinct feeling. Then, something else which I recognise very very distinctly from other such dreams happened and that is I felt as though I was wrestling against something. This is a very strong feeling and I have had the exact same feeling in similar dreams.

At this same time I can recall seeing what I assume was the demon, standing on some sort of platform, which I think was somehow closed in, and he appeared to be in some sort of spotlight. I remember then distinctly being aware of the demon's name and calling it out or identifying it out loud to everyone there as if to challenge it and say to everyone this is [i]such and such[/i].

Here I can remeber faltering as I recall it. The details are a bit hazy but somehow I was singing some sort of [i]Christmas song[/i]? and then I noticed some people passing by were singing it too and it looked as if the demon was mocking! Somehow in the lyircs to the song was the word Hallelujah and being aggrivated by its mocking I began repeat the word Hallelujah to it in a forceful way. I remember breaking the word down into two parts [i]halal[/i] and [i]Yah[/i].

I kept doing this. I'm uncertain as to what happened next but I think the demon was driven away and the next thing I recall was being outside amongst all these people milling around and seeing the girl who had been posessed. She was crying and as I went over to her I sensed in my spirit she was delivered, it was a much different feeling than before.

And that's it. There was probably more after but these are the details fresh in my mind that I wanted to share with you all. I have my own impressions but God may give someone the correct understanding of it or what He would have me to know from it.

Thank you all for letting me share it and for reading. May God be honored and His purpose only be done in Jesus name.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/1/27 8:51Profile

 Re: A dream I had last night. Spiritual warfare?


I read this last night but wasn't sure what to make of it, so waited for someone else to comment. But there's still no-one!

Can I ask if you have any real-life experience of this sort of warfare that you dreamed about? Or do you have a sense of calling or an ambition (not necessarily wrong ambition - though best let Him search your heart just in case!)to be involved in this kind of warfare?

You said you have had the feeling of "wrestling" against some evil power before. Does this happen often? Do you ever feel afraid in these dreams?

Such vivid dreams (they say that we all dream a lot but often don't remember) seem to have several possible sources:

1. Simply our brain getting "our of gear" while resting, and wandering all over the place, with odd and often meaningless or crazy things happening. Just a harmless natural process.
(I had a really crazy one once of rowing down a river, in company with several Red Indians, in a sort of picnic basket. We were using large teaspoons for rowing!)

2. We are expressing in our dream something we are worried, anxious or excited about. I quite often have dreams of trying to get ready to go somewhere, and being hopelessly late.

3. God is speaking to us through a dream.

4. The Enemy is trying to disturb us through a dream. (the sort of dream where you are really being attacked - even though its a dream - but turning to the Lord - even in the dream - defeats the Enemy activity that's disturbing your sleep.)

5. God may also use 2. or 4. to show us something of our own hearts, or where we are spiritually? For example, another kind of fairly frequent dream I have is of enemies watching - spying on me and my family or friends. Although not feeling afraid or anxious in the dream, it seems to be a warning that the Enemy is always out to get us, and we have to "watch and pray"

Your dream was quite troubled and disturbing maybe, but there was victory in the end. Perhaps the Lord is calling you to stand up for Him more and more as the days get darker?

Sorry if this isn't much help but I wanted to assure you that lack of replies doesn't mean no-one is listening!

The only advice I can give is to continue to seek the Lord for what it means. If He is indeed speaking to you through it, then He will make it plain.


 2007/1/28 13:46

Joined: 2006/2/11
Posts: 2895
Philadelphia PA

 Re: dream...

Hi Jeannette, thanks so much for responding.

I will try to answer some of the questions which you asked...

"Can I ask if you have any real-life experience of this sort of warfare that you dreamed about?"

Yes and no. No, in that we have never been in the situation of driving out a demon from someone. But yes, in that many times, I think we have wrestled against these things. Once I woke up in the middle of night with the feeling of something pressing down on me and sensing an evil presence. I immediately and without hessitation commanded it to leave in Jesus name. As soon as I did I heard my wife holler from up-stairs. Later I learned that she had experienced the same thing at the same time. It must have left when commanded in Jesus name.

I should mention all or most of our experiences started around the time I had set out to spread the Gospel earnestly. They would also coincide with bringing people back to the house from the neighborhood.

I have had several dreams where I have felt this very distinct feeling of wrestling. It is literally like wrestling against something - strength against strength. Once it was as though I was literally wrestling with something in the very heavens above; it would push down upon me and I would strain and push back. All the while it was invisible.

As to a sense of calling or an ambition...

I have had the strong impression for some time now to have no sense of curiosity or interest in these things at all. As far as I know I have no desire at all for this sort of thing. Maybe I should seek God to search my heart though as you said.

As to being afraid in the dreams or fear in general...

I do not recall being afraid, no. Certainly all through this time I have had many concerns for my own soul but I do not recall being afraid of [i]them[/i] or these experiences. I could be wrong on that though.

One dream in particular I was surrounded by all of these dark figures who were in the form of large birds and other such and I was there I think with a shield and sword in my hand. It was very dark, as if the black of night with only moonlight out. I think I had the impression in that dream that I needed to flee!

Back to the question of fear for a moment...

Something which happened to me recently comes to mind. I had left the house early to walk around and pray on a saturday morning and as I was walking I passed a man who asked me for the time. I told him and he stopped as though he wanted to say something to me. I went to keep going and he made some offthewall comment. I don't remember what it was but then he said something really wierd. I'm not certain about the exact wording but I'm pretty sure he said something like 'I'm fear' and 'I'll see you again tomorrow, on my day of rest'. It was really really strange.

I felt as though it was a spirit talking through him.

Months before this I had a similar experince, again walking through the neighborhood praying. I was walking down the street praying within myself, not audibly, and a man that was walking down the street on the other side started talking out loud and he said something to me like 'you keep that up and you'll grow wings' or something like that. He was carrying a baseball bat for some odd reason and as he continued to talk outloud he began to say all sorts of perverse things.

He followed me almost to where I was going and even into the store I went into and made more comments to me. I think spirits are speaking through these people. I think this has happened more than this as I've walked through the city but many times I ignore it.

Well there are some details. Thanks again Jeannette.

Again brothers and sisters, may God's will only be done. Amen.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/1/28 15:03Profile


Mmmm, it does sound as if the Lord is giving you some experience of warfare. Its good you have your wife alongside you in this. I have sometimes prayed for people with demons, but not alone - except for a Christian friend on one occasion. She was ready and willing to co-operate, so it was comparatively easy, she got free with little fuss.

My main feeling in those situations is usually helplessness - "What do I do?" I've a lot to learn about walking by faith and being bold!

Someone said that he didn't go hunting for demons but if he happened to encounter one he would jump on it! Sensible advice!

Probably the first time I was aware of someone demonised was at a conference. A man suddenly stood up and started shouting - I think he said "HELP ME, HELP ME, HELP ME!" then "I WON'T GIVE IN!" He was obviously in torment, and some folks took him out to minister to him. To my surprise my reaction (realising it must be a demon) wasn't fear but , "Oh the poor man!" Anyway he was delivered and was OK afterwards.

The first more personal experience was when visiting some aquaintances. A cousin of theirs happened to be there and the room was almost full, just one space next to her on the sofa for me to sit down. As soon as I sat, she seemed as if she was trying to wriggle as far away as possible from me. It was embarressing - did I smell or something? Then she made an excuse to get up and leave the room. When she returned she didn't come back to sit down but stayed in the doorway. I realised that she was actually afraid of me, and that she must have a demon!

There have been other experiences since, though probably not as unpleasant as yours; but that was when I learned not to be afraid. Which was helpful when I had to face up to needing a measure of deliverance myself (it is possible for a Christian to be demonised, though not fully possessed, I believe). My first reaction wasn't fear but disgust - like being told you have a tapeworm - "UGH! Get this thing out of me!"

There was fear, however - not fear of demons but fear for my salvation. Because I thought it meant I wasn't born again. - Was the cry "Abba, Father" that had been in my heart for 16 years, a lie?" It didn't help that I had met some "holiness" people who acted as if they thought I wasn't born again too! Perhaps they discerned I had a problem and thought that meant I couldn't be born again.

...But that's the sort of experience that proves nothing can separate us from the love of Christ...

You mentioned meeting people who were obviously demonised. When working in a psychiatric home I had a few similar experiences. Although my worst work problems came through a colleague who was a pagan and gave me a really hard time - including a sudden feeling of fear, when driving to work, which came from outside, nothing to do with me - it was very unpleasant. But it did teach me that its possible to resist fear, as a "thing", rather than a feeling that you can't control, in the Name of Jesus.

Most of the sick people themselves were clearly victims more than Enemy agents. How I wish there had been opportunity to minister to them, preferably with someone with more experience than I have! One very disturbed old lady once started saying "Stop looking at me!", when I was actually looking away. I saw another literally flung to the floor by what was obviously some outside force. Another tried to fight two of us and refused to accept her tea one day. A little while later I came into the room on my own and she was back to her usual self. She said confidentially, apparently as an explanation for her previous behaviour - "As soon as you came in SHE saw you!" So I said, "Well, we don't need to take any notice of HER do we?"

By contrast I've had some wonderful spiritual responses from one or two who were so confused that they couldn't understand much with their mind, yet responded with their spirit.

Whatever your dreams mean, the Lord obviously has you "in training" for something!

Yours in Him


 2007/1/28 16:51

Joined: 2007/1/22
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 Re: A dream I had last night. Spiritual warfare?

ChrisJD said:

The details are a bit hazy but somehow I was singing some sort of Christmas song? and then I noticed some people passing by were singing it too and it looked as if the demon was mocking! Somehow in the lyircs to the song was the word Hallelujah and being aggrivated by its mocking I began repeat the word Hallelujah to it in a forceful way. I remember breaking the word down into two parts halal and Yah.

I find that really interesting as two nights ago I had a dream where I was being followed by a man whom I knew had malicious intent against me, I could feel his evil presence. I then remeber being shot with something in the back and I recognized it as a posion dart, immediately after being shot I started singing a worship song, I can't remember what song or what the words were but I do remember continually singing one part over and over, and upon doing this a great peace came over me and the man who was following me left. After waking up I was reminded of hearing someone say how much satan hates it when we praise the name of Jesus.

 2007/1/28 20:23Profile

Joined: 2006/2/11
Posts: 2895
Philadelphia PA


Jeannette, wish I felt more up to responding specifically to some things you shared but maybe it will suffice it to say I appreciate you sharing and I think it is helpfull, even if to just talk with others about some of these things :-) It's good to hear you've come through with confidence in the Lord's steadfast love.

ProveAllThings, that is interesting. Think that would be the same time frame. About this...

"I then remeber being shot with something in the back and I recognized it as a posion dart, immediately after being shot I started singing a worship song,"

I was reading this past week in Genesis and it stood out to me where Jacob had sent Judah ahead of him into Egypt to meet Joseph(Genesis 46:28). Judah, as I understand it, means praise. Thinking of this and Psalm 149 verses 6 through 9. Maybe we are on to something here . The Pentecostal tradition I have been around places a great emphasis on this so it is not really new to me. Seems significant though. Maybe for us personally.

Thanks for sharing.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/1/28 21:26Profile

Joined: 2005/12/27
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Victoria, BC

 Re: A dream I had last night. Spiritual warfare?

Dreams can be interesting, but i would be careful not to put too much into them. Sometimes the extra cheeze on last night's pizza can affect them as much as anything else. However, in saying that, I would also recognize that God can speak to us in them, and that demonic influences can also at times seek to confuse us with them in times when we are under spiritual attack.

This I will say about your dream. It had aspects to it that are interesting.

1. It was communicated to you that someone was possessed and needed help. Timing is everything. It is one thing to know that someone is possessed, another to know that it is right to help at that time. Like the man you met on the street, you might have guessed that he was possessed correctly, but approaching him alone when he was carrying the baseball bat would probably not have been a great idea.

2. Despite the fear aspect (what happened to the priest) you went. In dealing with the demonic, there are times that we have to press past our fears and respond in a wise manner. Satan, or the demon, may throw all sorts of feelings or fears at us to seek to disuade us from acting.

3. In arriving, you focused not on the girl for proof of the presence of an evil spirit, but went to another room to pray. There while praying, you became fully aware of it's presence to the extent that you were willing to identify publicly that the person was possessed. Many people depend on outward signs, or even what others have told them to ascertain if someone is possessed. This leads to many mistakes. I have seen people go as far as to seek to cast demons out of someone simply because they smoked! This type of response and guessing game leads to many errors in judgement and doctrine. In the dream you prayed, and became aware of the demon's presence not through man but God, and began to wrestle spiritually, and then also saw the demon clearly. The fact that it was literally in the spotlight speaks loudly of the fact that it was clearly identified to you by the Holy Spirit. If this dream was of God, perhaps He was showing you to depend on Him alone for true discernment. Outward actions, or comments by others might cause you to suspect that a person is possessed, but clearly discerning it through prayer allows for proper action coupled with direction.

4. You faltered, even when aware that others were around you doing the same thing in singing the same song. The people passing by singing the same song might have been a reference to the others who were already praying around the girl. Perhaps you faltered because you realized that singing the song the way it was, wasn't enough, at least for you. So a difference did come. For although you were singing the same song {perhaps praying like others that the girl would be delivered} you ended up doing two things differently from the rest of the people:

a. You sang the same song in a forceful way, or might I say, stepped out in authority in what you were doing.
b. You addressed the demon directly with what you were saying.

Many will pray for someone to be delivered, but do not take authority over the demon. (Sometimes because they do not truly know if one is there) This usually ends in failure, as until some authority is exerted by someone, not much usually happens. It was not until force was exerted that the demon was driven away in your dream. Even Jesus commanded the demons to leave.

But be aware of wandering off the other side of the path, for some seek to use authority over a demon in a person, even when it has not been clearly revealed to them by the Holy Spirit that the person is even possessed. This can thoroughly confuse people who have no problem with a demon, but perhaps with a sin or sickness. Personally I do not believe that a christian can be possessed. Oppressed yes, but not possessed. (Stronger is He that is in us, then he that is in the world.)

5. You approached the girl afterwards, and gained the knowledge that she was changed, not just by appearance, but by a discerned inner knowledge that she was indeed delivered. You made sure the job was done.

Casting out a demon, like healing, usually requires some measure of faith, which comes hearing, and hearing, through spending time in the word of God and prayer. If you have some measure of discernment in these things, God may use you at times if you are willing to hear from Him. While any Christian can have the authority to cast out a demon, few have the gift of discerning of spirits.

You said in a later post in this thread that many things began to happen to you when you began to spread the gospel more earnestly. Without doubt, this is often the case. As such, you may be called upon at some point to deal with someone who is possessed. This doesn't mean we necessarily seek it, as it is an unpleasant affair. But at the same time, what right do we have to refuse freedom to someone when it is in our power to give it? If the Lord has allowed you to experience some spiritual warfare in all of this, it is with the intent that you learn to overcome in the power of His might. The strength that you gain may be well used in the future in times when others would fail on their own.

I pray God gives you wisdom in all of this.



 2007/1/29 4:35Profile

 Re: dreams...some good, some bad, some true, some sad

Greetings Chris...

I was reading about your dreams and the responses others added. For me, after I became a Christian I have had dreams of varying types and degrees of truth.

Before I was I Christian, my dreams seemed to be more worldly and less meaningful, but now, no matter the content, I can learn something. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have dreams almost every day, which I usually remember.

They have ranged from going to university again or spending some time with my fiancee, to seeing the devil and being attact for being a Christian.

A few weeks ago, similar to yours, I was brought into a home with my fiancee, where I was faced by a man surrounded by dogs. Rather than being scared or nervous, I started petting the dogs, but then the feelings in the room started to change and then some of the dogs started to nip at me, however, I still did not waver.

Then the man knelt down beside a dog which looked like a wolf. They both started to eat food out of a dish on the floor. The bowl was full of blood and flesh and as the man ate the meat, his face began to transform into the dog that looked like a wolf, but a lot more evil.

During that time, I was facing death and he was asking me and my fiancee if we were ready to die, but then I asked him if he knew Jesus. That changed the whole dream, because he walked off in tears and went into another room and then christian hymns or songs began playing and my fiancee and I were set free.

Another dream I had, I was walking around a city when I noticed that I was the only christian and then the non-christians started mocking me and it got worse and worse. At first I just walked to another place, but was faced with worse persecution each place I ended up. Then the crowd got hostile. I was shot in the back, but was not hurt. Then I knew I had to face them and started preaching about God and Jesus.

That angered them more and they started to say that Jesus could not help me there, but I continued, but the crowd got bigger and bigger, to the point that thousands of people with guns and other weapons, were COMPLETELY surrounding me and I mean completely.

Then I boldly preached by starting with my testimony and telling them about God and Jesus' love for us. Needless to say, it was intense, but I was freed from that as well.

Other than that, I have had many more dreams where I was preaching in front of thousands of people on stage. Another time I was with a bunch of 'famous' preachers and we were all talking about Jesus.

On the other hand, I was talking with someone here in Korea who said that we should not put more than 20% faith/belief in them (or that they are only true 20% of the time). Either way, I enjoy receiving them and I look forward to them, more so in the pleasure of sleep or rest.

If you or anyone has any suggestions, I am open to anything...

Sweet Dreams...
God Bless,

 2007/1/29 7:44

Joined: 2006/2/11
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Philadelphia PA


Parautika, I am intending to print out your response here so I can read it over more. I think it will be very helpfull. Thank you very much for taking the time to write that out. After reading it through this moring it looked very helpfull.

Brian, I can definitely relate to the dogs in the dream as they have been in mine and my wife's dreams as well, in a similar, threatening way. Think there were wolves also in the dream I mentioned about the birds.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/1/29 18:47Profile

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