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 You have stayed long enough...

The LORD our God spoke to us at Horeb, saying, ‘You have stayed long enough at this mountain... (Deut. 1:6)

One of the worst things that can happen to a move of God is for the people to become comfortable at the place to where God has brought them. Such is how many movements become denominations. They get to a place where God has actually brought them, and decide they like it where they are at just fine, and decide to not move anymore.

But God is not interested in merely leading us out to Mt. Horeb to worship, and be impressed by displays of fire, and to receive the handing down of instructions by which our church is to be defined. Mt. Horeb is simply the place of consecration and dedication, where we become equipped for what God has ultimately promised us- life in the land. And not just any land, but a land flowing with milk and honey.

Yet many of us become quite impressed with the things that have happened at Mt. Horeb, and decide we want to stay. Yet God would not have us to stay there. For God's ultimate desire is to bring us into His fullness, and to lay hold of the promises of God which are just on the other side of the Jordan. God's ultimate desire is that we would enter into His fullness, and press on unto maturity, and lack no good thing. For that is exactly what was on the other side of the Jordan, a land that was matured and full of blessing. So mature was the fruit of the land that men had to carry it's fruit on a pole.

But sadly, our complacency to accept the good things of Mt. Horeb will keep us from the ultimate things God has in store for us on the other side of the Jordan. We like the way things are at our church. No, things aren't perfect, and could be better. But the status quo is just fine. It works. The wilderness in which Mt. Horeb is located at isn't the best of places to be, after-all, it is in the wilderness. But so long as we can get along out here, and can have the occasional flash of lightning off the side of the mountain, we'll be just fine.

But such simply isn't the will of God. But because so many of us are content to stay just where we are, should we dare venture to the place where God wants to bring us just on the other side of the Jordan, we begin to notice the difficulties in obtaining that blessing. Because many value their lives as dear unto themselves, the giants of the land cause one to wish they had never even ventured out to Mt. Horeb to begin with, and would've been better off simply staying in Egypt. After-all, being smashed under the heel of a giant is no pleasant thought.

To cross over the Jordan, to the place God wants to bring you, will ultimately require a radical trust in God. For as you had to trust God in order to bring you out of Egypt, so now you must trust God in order to bring you into the land of Cannan. For unless you trust in God, and are assured of His promise to do what He said, you will begin to examine the giants of the land, and the dread of the things you see will ultimately undermine your faith in God. The things you see and have evidence of will ultimately keep you from believing in Him who you cannot see. And because of such, your hearts will shrink from fear and you will be left to die in the wilderness.

And such exactly is what we can expect in these last days. God wants to bring the church into all her splendor and beauty, and into maturity. He wants the church to walk in the full blessings of the life in the land. But because of the giants dwelling in that land, many will turn away because of fear, only to have their bodies scattered throughout the wilderness. Those who wish to save their lives shall lose it.

Historically the church as been complacent with it's Mt. Horeb experiences. But God says no longer. His ultimate desire is to bring us into the fullness of what we are meant to be in Christ. Many terrifying things lay ahead. There are still many battles to be fought. Great sacrifices will have to be made. But if we will not even love our own lives, we will not fear the things before us. And instead, we will trust the Lord to do just as He said.

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