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 Who's Robbing God's Glory?

I've decided to delete the thread I started because I do not feel this site, or myself, needs another thread on Calvinism. If you have already read it please forgive me for posting it.


 2007/1/26 0:53

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 Re: Who's Robbing God's Glory?

Who's robbing God's glory? The writer of this article. According to him, it's up to man to yield to God's drawing. This action is a GOOD action, is it not? Yet "They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one" (Ps. 14:1).

Man, dead in his sins, cannot muster up even enough goodness in his heart to yield to God -- God has to put that there by quickening him from his deadness. That quickening action is on God's part, not on dead man's part. It's not 99% God's work and 1% ours. If it were, we would deserve part of God's glory. Heaven forbid!

Did the writer of this article listen to the featured sermon right now, by A.W. Tozer? He exhorts us that whatever teaching "makes Christ more necessary, more beautiful, more important, more glorious" -- than it is of God. The writer of this article makes Christ LESS important in his lopsided argument. Christ accomplished ALL our salvation for us -- not only the work on the cross, but also the opening of our dead eyes to see and comprehend it.

Jennifer Richardson

 2007/1/26 1:40Profile

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