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There are people using global warming as a political agenda to get them power... there are also people using the name of Jesus in very much the same way.

I know climate scientists with no political leaning who can vouch for the very real effects and reality of Global Warming, and its ties to human consumption. Yes, your driving a car does effect the world's health!

In fact, in my studies I found that most of the research opposing global warming studies were in fact sponsored by the fossil fuel and energy companies. Why this is a left right issue I don't know... well I do, because the same politicians that are fighting abortion to gain our votes, are financing their campaigns with money from big oil and big coal.

Don't be a tool of big business! Just because some liberals happen to pick up on something doesn't mean it's wrong... actually, unfortunately, they're entirely right on this one. It's a shame that more Christians aren't better informed, because we've taken up arms with those who are raping and pillaging this world's resources for their own profits and causing so much suffering.

Do you know how many people live in Bangladesh? Do you know that more than half of Bangladesh is only about 3-5 feet above sea level. Did you also know that in the next 30-40 years, if global warming is real, which I think it is, global ocean levels will rise by at least this much.

Global warming isn't just goign to make it harder to farm in some parts of the world, it's not just going to be a little warmer in texas. Global warming is going to displace populations of millions of people! Who's to blame? America and Europe. Who will end up picking up most of the hurt from it... the 10/40 window... do you think this is going to help them to come to know Jesus as their Lord and savior? Certainly not if it comes from an American or Europian.

I think Global Warming is the fault of our bad stewardship as Christians, and will effect global missions negatively. But I don't want to limit God, we all need to pray in repentance and change our ways before its too late, or we may lose whole generations of people who live in the coastal areas of third world nations.

These people will quickly realize where the destruction of their homelands came from, and will probably band together with exhisting anti-american groups like the taliban. We may force moderate Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists to become radical militant anti-americans. Then our task as Christians to reach these people will only be increased that much more dramatically.

Ian Smith

 2007/1/23 19:22Profile

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