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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


This is the first time ive ventured down this kind of writing and exhortation before - so bear with me, if indeed you can bear with me ?

I don't lay claim to be a prophet of the Lord or am one to set dates ( as it were ) or subscribe to orders of chronological charts as such, and as - is the manner of some.

But with hesitation of lips i come to you today only for fear of getting it wrong ( in the Lord ) And as to what - im about to bring forth and declare.

I believe and am persuaded that the Lord dropped a word into my Spirit - and birthed a prophetic message, a message of both warning to the Church and to that of the world, and all this just prior to the dawning of 2007 - and the new year ticking over yet again... on our calendars !

Our beloved Paul wrote to the Church at Corinth telling them that the time - " is short "well if the time was short then, how much the more is the time upon us now brethren ?, and what manner of life then ought we to BE living - in all godliness and holy conversation ?

So with urgency of Spirit and with spiritual trepidation i bring you this word today, and with a whole bunch of fear and trembling - i bring this word of exhortation today !

These are signs, YEA SIGNS OF THE AGE WE ARE CURRENTLY LIVING IN, yea forth coming events that are coming to pass - as we both speak and read this posting this minute.

~~ " SUPER CELL ACTIVITY " The scripture often highlights that God has his way in the storm and that God controls the elements ....furthermore we read in the book of revelation that hail stones the size of bolder stones will fall from the sky and on the head of the unrepentant wicked,and as a judgement upon him. So what then is "Super Cell activity" ? these are storms of great intensity that don't last long, but they do leave a trail of destruction and desolation in their path - and in their wake, these are storms that arise with-out meteorological or weather bureau warning !! they are savage and brutal, and cut a line and swaith across counties and certain suburbs, intense and ferocious storms that leave homes roofless, buildings in damage mode - and bridges and archetecture in ruins and tatters, this my friends is nature at her furious best and worst!! But a definite sign of calamity in our age, and as the scripture declare " the seas and the waves would be ...roaring "
You will continue to see more bizarre and reverse cycle weather patterns in the world....when it's summer it will be winter time, and when it's winter - then a heat wave of kinds will be a occuring.
( and there will be signs in the heavens above and in the earth beneath, blood, fire, and pillars of smoke ) Super cell storms and activity - will become more current and advanced AS we approach that great and NOTABLE DAY OF THE LORD !! ( mark this one down )

~~ " CLONING CONTROVERSY " This is a curly one but nonetheless needs some attention. Recent law changes allow for stem cell research for therapuetic reasons, and for breakthroughs in disease degeneration and injury. All good and well ....however can man be trusted - to not venture into unethical experimentation ?? human cloning is banned and research is taboo ( so we learn and are told by authorities ) Years ago we watched as the invention of test [tube babies] came to pass - and the world looked on and wondered, and now today we have stem cell research, and today we have also [Dolly the cloned sheep] and Tommorow we will have genitically cloned perfect pets with a [DNA similitude] .... and so where pray tell will CLONING take us ?? Can mankind - NOT - be tempted to stray from ethical vows and society pledges ?? We read this in Genesis " This they begin to do: and NOW nothing will be resrained from them, which they have - IMAGINED - TO DO "
and this brethren from the author of Romans " INVENTORS of EVIL things " ... and this from the pen of John " YET repented they not of the [work] of their hands ( notice it is the work of man's hands - that gets him into mischief )

~~ " THE CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT AS A SIGN " The scripture forecast a FALLING AWAY - before the man of Sin comes on the scene .... this is what some in the church have labeled "the apostasy" or otherwise known as [the great apostasy], but how is this in any way LINKED TO THE CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT [ apostasy that is ??] after all aren't they good people as such, don't they sing with passion in their song services, aren't they [Word people as such], and don't their scribes diligently show up in arm with big black bibles and A4 size notepads to record the preacher's sermons, don't they have the real Holy Ghost - and speak in new tongues ?

How can all this then be apostasy ? or THE FALLING AWAY ? AS SUCH

And what descibes a charismatic ? and aren't the charismatics all [lumped together] with the pentecostals - anyhow - in conventions, seminars, and campmeetings to boot ?? SO what then descibes - and constitutes " charismatic preaching " today ??

The answer is ~~ you have to have the ability to inspire PEOPLE, to invoke passion, to make people laugh and to make people cry, you must have [charisma], and you will come with good words, and excellency of speech, enticing words, you will have the congregations in stitches with laughter - and conversely weeping the very next moment - if your charismatic and speak in tongues { that is you have the experience of acts 2 } you can return from any BIG MEET, SEMINAR OR CAMPMEETING, AND THEN SIMPLY return to your PARTICULAR denomination THAT you came from - as if all was the same - MEANING THIS ( it don't matter if your catholic, seventh day, some strange sect, the charismatics believe that God will give his Holy ghost and acts 2 to just about anyone or any denomination and that unequivocally...."end quote" ) But Speaking in tongues in and of itself proves nothing brethren ( mormons have confessed to speaking in tongues, many pagan rites [end in] ecstatic utterences that were both new and unlearned to them ) and many catholics swear and testify that they too speak in new tongues, and yet continue to have the Mary worship thing going on still. BUT Is their genuine holiness and seperation in this movement ? judge in yourselves brethen what i say. And so the current charismatic movement and the rise of it - is a sign, a sign we are nearer to the END.
( nearer in fact ... than we all realize )

~~ " TECHNOLOGY and the DIGITAL age " as a sign
Today we have what i call the wizards of techno and the wizards of the current space age. We can send men to the moon, put micro- chips into animals, have test tube babies, clone Dolly the sheep, and send probes to Mars.... man is getting clever isn't he, very smart and very innovative indeed. IN FACT The race is on for a [3 way link] of [all technology] as we speak. That is to say to link computers with plasma/ LCD televisions, and your mobile phones to Television, and to inter-act on all 3 levels, and no matter what part of the country you are in - all will be at your finger tips, and at your disposal simply link-up and start inter-acting, all this as a result of our new digital age, and now with the digital signal as the [be all - and end all], we will see the close of the [analogue signal] and dial-up process as it currently exists ! It is estimated by the year 2009 up to 95 percent of all the world's population will be user's of mobile phone technology !! all this is leading up to a man who will use this global digital age to implement his OWN mark, and to implement his own number ( 666 ) as criterion to the world. The prophet Daniel foretold that [knowledge would increase] in the last Days. And so the [3 way] technology link and the quest to make [all things digital] will and shall be a sign... a sign that the man of Sin is on the way, yay even at the doors !! and what other technology and mischief awaits us ? will we see the invention of [holograms] and [3d] life like images and imagery - on our screens, and in our lounge rooms, and in our bedrooms ? GOD FORBID !!!

~~ " NATURE IN LABOUR PAINS " We read in Romans chapter eight that [ all of creation groans and travails ] awaiting it's deliverance. Today much is said about the planet and global warming, the greenhouse effect, pollutants and emissions into the enviroment. And no doubt the planet is hurting, our planet already is imperfect, and mankind contributes to her hurt also ! Recently we watched in awe as icebergs from the south pole caressed their way towards the shores of New Zealand and then crumbled and collapsed back into the waters. Friends their is No doubting at all - nature ... is hurting and hurting badly - and the current push for uranium energy adds insult to injury and evokes much discussion and protest, but that said God loves his planet and the planet belongs to him, and he promises this to those who abuse his planet (in the book of revelation) Rev 11:18 " He will destoy those and them - Who DESTROY THE EARTH "

~~ "THE BIGGEST DECEPTION" Yes the biggest deception since Luther exposed old Rome for their deception of a [" works for salvation "] message Now have i got you interested ? - what is it then.
The current emphasis in the church about " THE KINGDOM OF GOD " is the Deception of what i speak - and what i call the " thy kingdom come " [DOCTRINE] - these advocates tell us of the setting up of a [ NOW KINGDOM FOR CHRIST ] - that is for Christ TO come back AND possess and this is why he hasn't returned backk for his church yet !!. But This is a great deception and many shrewd texts are used and applied to convince the unwary that we should take the kingdom now, and we the church should build him a KINGDom and bring it to earth { so to speak ) and bring a kingdom to earth ( so to speak ). Some are even touting the building of a city or a spiritual christian mecca like that of the Islamic faith !
And yes To some degree they are correct in saying the saints will and shall possess the kingdom as foretold by the prophet Daniel.... but [the timing] of when this occurs and takes place is the issue. Jesus said in John 18 that his kingdom is not of the earth, if it was of the earth-then my servants would have fought and not have suffered me, to be delivered into the hands of THE JEWS ( John 18:36 ) But now is my kingdom NOT ...from here - and not from hence. !!
And furthermore Peter says he is getting ready after "Jacob's trouble" ( the tribulation ) to create new heavens and a new earth - wherein dwelleth [only] righteousness. And not only that how can God have a kingdom now - when sin still exists, and sin is still so prevalent, and sinners defile the land ?? and should not Jesus first take out all things that offend and commit iniquity ?... before he takes possesion of a kingdom and delivers it - over to his SAINTS ? HUH ??


The thy kingdom come on earth [now] mesaage is a delusion and a great deception, and so brethren resist it - or you too may swept up into it's long tentacles.

And so the biggest delusion since the reformation of the protestant church and the days of Luther is [FLOODING OUR LOCAL ASSEMBLIES], BUT DON'T BE FOOLED BY IT - OR BE FOOLED BY THE CLEVER FALSE TEACHERS AND FALSE PROPHETS OUT THERE !!

~~ THE YEAR 2012 AS A SIGN !!
Now some may see this as me being paradoxical with my opening comments, but i decided to include this at the last, as i personally have received of the Lord "word" that the year 2012 will be very significant year in history, much will be entered into i feel, and though im not setting dates or speculaTing about the beginning of tribulation or THAT OF ANTICHRIST COMING, I STILL FEEL TO SAY OF THE LORD - THAT SOMETHING OF A VERY SIGNIFICANT NATURE HOWEVER WILL OCCUR OR [BE ENTERED] INTO BY YEAR 2012. !!

Thanks for your time today
God be blessed forever ( Amen )

Bro Stephen

 2007/1/22 19:36Profile


I don't know why no-one has replied to this before, but just a brief comment as its getting late here.

All the things you have mentioned are "signs of the times".

My special concern, as is yours I believe, is that the Church (the true Church, not just nominal Christians or members of cults) are busy dancing around the "Golden Calf".

This general apostasy was also foretold and is happening.

Let us stand firm in the Lord in these "perilous times" (2Tim 3:1following).

I wonder if we are in the times foreseen by Daniel - not quite the end but near. (These verses could be interpreted historically too, but Scriptural prophecies often have more than one fulfilment)

(Daniel 11:30 - my emphasis)
[i][color=000066]"He shall turn back and give heed to those who forsake the holy covenant. 31 Forces from him shall appear and profane the temple and fortress, and shall take away the continual burnt offering. And they shall set up the abomination that makes desolate. 32 [i][b]He shall seduce with flattery those who violate the covenant; but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action. 33 And those among the people who are wise shall make many understand, though they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plunder, for some days. 34 When they fall, they shall receive a little help. And many shall join themselves to them with flattery; 35 and some of those who are wise shall fall, to refine and to cleanse them and to make them white, until the time of the end,[/b][/i] for it is yet for the time appointed.

We are of those who are called to "stand firm and take action"

Also in Daniel 12:
10 Many shall purify themselves, and make themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but those who are wise shall understand.

We are also those who are called to be of the "wise" who understand. And if many, even of church leaders, do not, to seek to "follow the Lamb wherever He goes".


 2007/2/4 18:10


[b][color=000066] You said: [/color]
"The current emphasis in the church about " THE KINGDOM OF GOD " is the Deception of what i speak - and what i call the " thy kingdom come " [DOCTRINE] - these advocates tell us of the setting up of a [ NOW KINGDOM FOR CHRIST ] - that is for Christ TO come back AND possess and this is why he hasn't returned back for his church yet !!. But This is a great deception and many shrewd texts are used and applied to convince the unwary that we should take the kingdom now, and we the church should build him a KINGDom and bring it to earth { so to speak ) and bring a kingdom to earth ( so to speak )."
[b][color=000066]This has been one of my concerns too. The idea that we shall bring in the Kingdom and present it to Jesus on His return is simply paving the way, I believe, for the Antichrist to be accepted, even by Christians, as the true Christ.

That isn't so far-fetched, they say that Hitler was at first hailed by many German Christians as Gremany's saviour.

And those who thiink they cannot be deceived because of Matthew 24:24 are kidding themselves. The KJV does give the impression that the elect cannot be deceived, but the meaning of the original is that they CAN - "if able". If you can be deceived then you will be deceived!


 2007/2/4 18:29

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