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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Meaning of 'To Fulfill All Righteousness'

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 Meaning of 'To Fulfill All Righteousness'

There was a post a while back about this subject, which I put my two cents into. I had someone explain the meaning of this phrase of Jesus at his baptism, which is the best explanation I have ever heard.

Jesus came forward to be baptized of John because He waited until He was of age to be baptized into the sacrificial priesthood. Levitical priests could be 20 years old, but priests that were to sacrifice for the people had to be 30. So Jesus waited until he was 30 to be baptized into the sacrifical priesthood to 'fulfill all righteousness.' I think that is an outstanding answer.

Here are a couple other gold nuggets from the same teacher.

Jesus was told by Satan, just after His baptism, to command that stones by made into bread. While Jesus did not do this, notice the first miracle He did do after coming out of the desert was no less impressive. Not stones to bread, but water to wine. Thus 'one upping' Satan by showing He would not listen to any persuasion of Satan, but still showing He had the ability to change the physical state of anything He wanted to into something consumable.

As well, Jesus had these 40 days taken out of His life, so to speak. 40 days that Satan had a 'hay day' with constantly tempting our Lord while Jesus was fasting. Notice that after the resurrection, Jesus seemed to claim these 40 days back that the Devil may have had some bragging rights to, by spending 40 post-resurrection days with His disciples. In my teachers words, it was the Lord's way of telling Satan, 'talk to the hand.' (for those who aren't familiar with this expression, it is somewhat equivalent to 'eat my dust' or 'you just got taken to school')

Hal Bachman

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 Re: Meaning of 'To Fulfill All Righteousness'

That is some really good info. I never knew that about the age of the priests who sacrificed (for sins no less). Good stuff indeed.

On bit that was passed on to me, I have yet to confirm it, but that the term "it is finished" is supposedly the same term that courts would use to indicate that a sentence or punishment completed as required by law.

Our God is awesome and so is His word. Anyone else have some good bits to share?


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 Re: Meaning of 'To Fulfill All Righteousness'

Hi all.

Letsgetbusy, neat observation about the age of the priests and also about the nature of the miracle performed after coming out of the wilderness. You know, it's been pointed out that the first miracle the Lord Jesus performed is recorded much earlier in scripture, in Genesis 1:1.. :-)

Something else about His baptisim. I remember reading an explanation at R.C. Sproul's website that made sense to me. Since then it is the explanation I have accepted. The article suggested that Christ's baptisim was a manner of fulfilling all righteousness on [i][u]our[/u] behalf[/i]. That is, since God was now requiring, by commandment, that His people were to be baptised in water, Christ fulfilled this commandment on our behalf the same way He fulfilled all of the Father's commandments(John 15:10).

You could look at that in two ways I suppose. One would be to take it as an example of obedience to follow and I would not dare to discourage anyone from doing so, that is from seeking to obey all of God's commands. I myself was baptised in water. And then there is another way, which I myself see it, and that is, that Christ has fulfilled every detail of that which is required of me. Perhaps there is something I have missed? Something which I have left undone? I take this as an evidence that God has seen to it to overlook no detail in the work He wrought on my behalf in Christ.

Has He commanded me to believe? Christ's faith never waivered(John 13:3).

Has He commanded me to be filled with His Spirit? Christ had the Spirit without measure(John 3:34)

Has He commanded me to me to turn, neither to the right hand, nor to the left? Christ always did those things which were pleasing to the Father(John 8:29).

I take these things, not as an occasion to be slack concerning His word, but rather as inspiration to have confidence in the work of the One called Saviour.

Love and grace to you all,


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/1/22 1:40Profile

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