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 Spiritual realm

Unprofitable servants

At the present time my flesh lives in this present world but my spirit lives in a higher realm. A realm where I have all the protection of the King of Paradise Jesus the risen Christ. And as a vassal of that realm I seek to do my duty. I seek to fulfil the spirit of the law of God. I love and worship the Spirit of God. The spirit of the world that my flesh lives in, draws my flesh, I am a sinner but my spirit [the inner man] is becoming stronger through faith in Christ Jesus. My Lord fights for and protects all the subjects of His Kingdom. I must walk boldly without complaint or fear, for my goal is that city of righteousness and peace that lies beyond the veil of the flesh. A place of spiritual of rest for those who overcome the spirit of the world. Who can fight against the spirit of the world? There must be a falling away first and we see our selves and our condition as that man of sin, the son of perdition and unclean before Holy God. A self-righteous sinner sitting on the throne of my heart, a mortal doing what was right and wrong in my on eyes. I will stand with my brothers and sisters armed and with all the force I can muster I will resist the spirit of this world [the devil] and together we will win the victory by the grace of God.

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.
John:4 22

I pray Lord that He will keep us from making a league with the people that worship in high places that they build. They don’t worship God in the Holy of Holies and before the throne of mercy and grace and don’t eat the bread we eat, the true bread from our Father the spiritual body of Christ. And being deceived by their old wine in old bottles, rent, and bound up, they can not enter the straight gate. Christ Jesus is the gate into the spiritual city of New Jerusalem above that Holy Mount Zion. My Lord puts His new wine into new bottles that are new beings, born again in the spiritual image of Jesus. We only drink from the vineyard of Him who comes in the name of Lord of all, our Holy Loving Father, full of beauty and grace, our God. We are spiritual children of His Son, we worship our Lord and are vassals of His Kingdom, Paradise in the spiritual realm.

Father We are all unprofitable servants, we have only done that which was our duty. In Christ Jesus name Amen.


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