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 Need SERIOUS advice on Idols...

Over the past seven years, every time I've moved I've "shed" more material possessions than I accumulated. At present, I possess about 5 boxes of "stuff": clothing, beddings, some pots...

...and memories in the way of pictures, report cards, school projects, letters. Every time I move, I go through my letter and photos and they stir up some pretty powerful emotions - good and bad. I always throw out some, and keep some. Today I threw out quite a bit (mostly doubles and photos from my debauchery during Mardi Gras in New Orleans).

What went through my mind today as I was going through all these "memories" was Rachel sitting on Laban's idols...

So are these "emotions" and "memories" of my life before Jesus idols? Can they frustrate my walk with Him?


 2007/1/19 21:46

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 Re: Need SERIOUS advice on Idols...

So are these "emotions" and "memories" of my life before Jesus idols? Can they frustrate my walk with Him?

Hi, Corey, the very fact that you are contemplating this possibility makes me suspect that these things are not idols in your life, but you are aware that they easily could be. Strong emotion while you go through these things is not necessarily a symptom of idolatry, but just an overwhelming sense of life and all its aspects.

Memorabilia can be used to enrich our lives; they can remind us of God’s past goodness. They can help us remember who we were and now are. But, alas, they can also absorb a great deal of time and attention. And, of course, they can become idols to us.

Perhaps the best thing to do is lay your hands on the whole big pile and give it all to God. If he wants you to discard any more of it, he is very able to let you know. I speak from personal experience: I once had to burn some old things, not because they were idols, but just because God wanted me to let them go.

In the mean time you do what must be done with them - like organize and sort, and then you tuck it all away in a closet. Out of sight out of mind.

Really it's in our hearts where idols must be surrendered.



 2007/1/19 22:59Profile


Thanks Sister Diane,

I just had a three-hour conversation with a pastor friend about this (among other things). He said much the same thing.

I appreciate your support. God bless you, Sister.


 2007/1/20 2:41

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