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 Jerusalem Countdown

I just bought this book by John Hagee called "Jerusalem Countdown". I havent read it all yet but the reviews are 50/50. I dont think I have ever listened to one of his sermons but the title of his book got me. I am interested in end times or eschatology (sp?).He talks all about Hezbollah and Al Quieda and he wrote most of it in 2005 with updates in October 2006. He does seem to be on the money with what I have read,although I heard he has a wierd view of salvations of Jews (that they do not need to be saved to go to heaven ,or something to that effect).
Has anyone else read this book or maybe someone can offer other books on end times. I dont like to focus just on end times, but here and again,I like to see how the current state of the world comapares to what the Bible says.
GOD Bless


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 Re: Jerusalem Countdown

I have never heard of this book, and I pride myself on being pretty on top of the books that are out there.

I would strongly recommend a book called 'Light Force' by Brother Andrew... It will give you a biblical perspective on the situation in the middle east, as well as hope that Jesus can rock the foundations of Islam -with love, not wrath.

I also came across this yesterday and thought it was great: The Top Ten Reasons We Love Muslims (by Frontiers)

Good luck on your search!

Ian Smith

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My response would be I would not read a book sponsered by people who would have this on their web-site(below my typing). In no way do they truly worship the same God as Christians and Jews. There is a distinct difference between our Lord Jehovah and whatever god the muslims worship. Christians need to run from people who equally yoke our Almighty to whatever demon
the muslims pray to.

Because we are spiritually related.
Many Muslims look to 'Ibrahim (Abraham) as "our forefather (Romans 4:1)." Since those who follow Jesus call Abraham "the father of all who believe (Romans 4:11)," that makes us 'cousins' ! Like us, Muslims believe in one true God, the Creator of all peoples.

Because they value our Holy Book and Jesus.
The Qu'ran specifically commends the Torat (books of the Law, the first five books of the Bible); the Zibur (the Psalms, or wisdom literature); and the injil (the Gospels). Jesus was sent by God to earth; Jesus healed many during his ministry; and he is returning to judge the living and the dead.

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 Re: Jerusalem Countdown

"Light Force", "Jerusalem Countdown", and "Left Behind: Tribulation Force"... ugh... religious harlequin... must get... to... my Bible!!!

 2007/1/19 17:22

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You crack me up


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You crack me up

Someone finally appreciates me!!! Yay!!!

 2007/1/23 0:43

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