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 To Hell and Back

An interesting video...


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 Re: To Hell and Back

Could you share a synopsis of this video? My filter is blocking this site....sometimes my filter is overly ambitious..:-(


Sandra Miller

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 Re: To Hell and Back

Wow. I have only watched the first testimony, but it really moved me.

Regardless of what you think of these after-death experiences, I think it is clear that whatever happened to that man, God used it an incredibly powerful way.

I don't really shy away from talking about hell, and a lot of people think I am too hard because of it. But sometimes it is just a word to me, or a fact that I heartlessly acknowledge. The imagery and descriptions in this video really made me confront how amazingly awful of a place hell is. It fought against a lot of the apathy I have been experiencing concerning lost friends and family.

Great post. Thanks.

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 Re: To Hell and Back

It is an interesting video.

I bought the book over 10 years ago, but to hear live testimonies is tremendous.

It has real impact and is a warning to both saved and unsaved, to know and understand that hell is a real place.

Even without the video or the book, the word of God tells us about hell, that's enough for some people, but not all.

And also, even if an unbeliever watched this, chances are, the scepticism would still remain, some would have second thoughts, some would repent and get saved.

It is a good video. Thank you.

God bless.

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