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 A Personal Witness Encounter, Part 13

I would like to share more of the many witness encounters that we have experienced last year and now 2007, to try and encourage those that are strong and mature in the faith, to also take up the Great Commission and try and reach lost souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, because 150,000 people die EVERYDAY, that's 7,000 an hour!


“Taxi Tom“, as we will call him, first came to our attention early summer last year. Parked outside our large supermarket in the town centre, God graciously drew my attention to the fact that he was reading a well highlighted copy of the Watchtower magazine. This publication is reprinted throughout the world, in staggering quantities, somewhere in the region of 200 million copies per year!

I needed to make sure he was in fact a Jehovah’s Witness before I took the plunge and started witnessing to him. For anybody who is not well read in the Scriptures, I would NOT suggest you do what I did, for the cults are past-masters at twisting the Scriptures and tragically leading ignorant Christians further away from God into a theological ditch.

Some weeks past before I had the chance to see him again. Whenever I was in town preaching he was either on a call or hiding from me. The last time I had seen him I gave him a smart card to look at. When he finally materialised I walked over to his car, leaned over the drivers door and for the next 20 mins, with the scorching sun burning on my neck, I gave him the full Biblical Gospel.

What was interesting to me was how he never asked who I was, why I had “targeted” him out of all the other drivers, how I knew he was a JW and what I hoped to achieve. I thank God for this for it allowed me to get down to business and not waste valuable time. I needed to make sure he understood that the most zealous and religious people can be wrong at the best of times. I continually told him of my families 6 generational Catholic past, with priests in tow. I articulated that if we could be wrong (and we were) he could be wrong (and he was.) For both the RCC and JW‘s, like all cults for that matter, claim total supremacy to all of Christendom, although Rome pretty much teachers universalism these days.

“Taxi Tom” was one of the most smug and self-righteous people I’ve had to witness to. He repeatedly told me how there was no Hell and kinda’ chuckled when I pointed out how my father and I were heading there, before we were saved.

(One tip to be shared whenever witnessing to the cults, would be to ALWAYS stick to one subject at a time. Don’t EVER let them take you to another passage until you’ve exhausted the one in hand. Doing the Good Person Test is all very well but you will have to deal with apologetics sooner or later. I focused on Jesus Christ and who He is.)

Is. 9:6 tells us Jesus is the Mighty God, which is echoed in John 20:28. “Taxi Tom” didn’t respond even when I showed him this, from HIS OWN NWT Bible, along with proof of the Trinity, deity of Christ and other orthodox teachings. (It‘s amazing that one can do this from their own corrupt Bible.) I then told him Mighty God is one of the names of God Almighty, not some Angel of other special messenger of God (Jer. 32:18.)

(Some people believe cult members need to be de-programmed, while others don’t even bother to witness to the cults at all. This is a grave error. Walter Martin helped bring the editor of Awake magazine to Christ, after some 20 yrs in the Watchtower. It can happen but it is a very long process.)

Finally I had to leave “Taxi Tom” with all the info I had given him. My neck was red hot and my back rather stiff. Some weeks would pass before I saw him again. Unfortunately he wasn’t receptive to me and looked away when I approached him. I wasn’t too surprised for this has happened before, but I did tell him one last time, that if I were wrong about my Christology and eschatology, than according to his theology, I’d only be annihilated at death. But if he was WRONG, he’d be heading for eternal Hell. Again he laughed and said, “There’s no such place.”

Let’s hope for “Taxi Tom” he’s right. But the Bible is VERY clear that he’s NOT!

Please pray for this man.

Next time we will look at another JW, “Hark the Harold Angel”, as he jokingly introduced himself to us as.

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