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 what do you all think

What translation is the closest to the original. And please do not turn this into an argument I know so many fight over such things as this. I cannot see Christ saying at Judgement day depart for me you live like me but you didnt read this certain translation. Although I think some tranlations or absolutley ludacris and far from Gods word. But out of the main ones which is the closets. I thought KJV but recently I have been told Nasb is the closest due to all the scrolls that have been found since KJV was written. That KJv is extermely accurate but now that they have discovered so much more of the scrolls since KJV was written nasb more accurate as to what the ancient original were. What is everyones thoughts not arguments but thoughts and opinions. If nasb is just as accurate and in more a language to understand then Id like to read that but if not id like to read the KJv


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 Re: what do you all think

You cant ask for everyone's opinions on this without it becoming an argument.

I would suggest you study the topic for yourself, looking at each side of the argument. I can tell by your post that this is an issue you have just begun to delve into. There are plenty of books that have been written on this topic since it became an issue in 1881. Most people here will recommend authors they agree with, but I would rather see you research the issue from both perspectives.

I did... and I landed firmly on the KJV side of the issue after being an NIV person for 10 years.

You are correct tho, our salvation is not based on the version we read. But once you examine the issue, look at all the evidence, you will be most certainly faced with a decision. And unlike some folks here, I do believe it is an important decision.


 2007/1/15 15:13

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Indiana USA

 Re: what do you all think

Krispy gave you real good advice. I use both the KJV and the NASB

Peace be with you



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Of the many blessings I've received from my tattered, twenty-year-old King James is the knack for reading Shakespeare and other works from that time period.

 2007/1/15 22:37

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 Re: what do you all think

I prefer to read the KJV, and then the NASB. With regard to reading and teaching, generally speaking, I like the "strictly literal" translations (the above mentioned); In other words, those translations that attempt to translate word for word, as opposed to something they call "dynamic-equivalent" (more paraphrastic). [thats my opinion of course]

[b]But 2 other thoughts: [/b]

1) One of the reasons I like the KJV is for the old English, which is the reason many dislike to read it. I think today, especially in America, we have de-constructed language to the point that everything has a American cultural implication, or inference that can detract form the scriptural context; This is sometimes really unhelpful (for me) when reading scripture. So the different word usage (more present in KJV) brings out something in the text to which I did not consider before specifically because of my culture association with a word used often in today's society.

2) I do like a variety of translations when I am studying which makes online sites and searches very helpful { is a personal favorite}. I think it is helpful to consult other translations even if like me you have a preference for one.

[b]Most important:[/b]

I would definitely spend some time asking the Lord Jesus. He might have a purpose for you reading a specific translation rather than another. All the more important that we remember the Holy Spirit who teaches us, and guides us into all truth.

-hope that helps.

The Lord bless you.

 2007/1/18 5:10Profile

 Re: what do you all think

I heard an Evangelical Bible scholar recommend the Jerusalem Bible (Roman Catholic!) as a good translation - as long as you don't read the footnotes!

When I did a course in a non-Evangelical college they used the RSV. Scholarship was valued more than theological position (liberal or conservative) so its probably a good translation too.

I love the KJV because of being brought up on it and because its easier to remember. I think its probably the most "honest" in the sense of keeping to the original languages' wordings, and thought-forms (if that's the right way to put it - even if they seem not to make sense) without trying too hard to "interpret" the paradoxes in the Word that our human minds find difficult to grasp.

However the KJV has its inaccuracies, perhaps more than modern translations, because scholarship has moved on, and new discoveries made that help to better understand the original texts.

Whatever translation you use, or however much training you have - even if you can understand the Bible in its original languages - there is no substitute for the experience of having Jesus opening our understanding of the Scriptures, by the Spirit.

I would definitely NOT recommend "The Message"

 2007/1/26 19:21

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 Re: what do you all think

Hi Branded4him...

As Krispy noted, this is the subject of much debate. This topic has been the source of enormous debate amongst believers, and the topic of numerous threads here at SI (some of which have been a little "heated" in nature). I would urge you to seriously seek the Lord and seek out an answer. There is quite a bit of information available. It is important to realize that much of it is biased one way or another. The challenge is to get past the bias and get to the heart and root of the matter.

While it is fine to consult books on the subject, you should realize that nearly every book is tainted by the opinions, speculations or conclusions of the respective author. When possible, conduct research that extends past the claims. Research the claims themselves -- and attempt to determine whether or not that claim is accurate.

I conducted my own serious research into the subject (as have many individuals here). While my conclusions may differ with others -- they are still my conclusions nonetheless. I actually contacted some of the translators of a few of the modern versions -- including the NIV. I also contacted some scholars (some are college professors) with a list of questions. Surprisingly, I had quite a few responses. I also read several of the books that I know to be biased -- and researched some of the claims made by the author(s).

As such, I prefer the King James Version. I consider it the best translation from the sources known as the [i]Textus Receptus[/i]. There are many free research aids available for the KJV, which make it ideal for study. However, I hold the NIV in high regard, and consider it the best translation from the other sources deemed accurate by many academic "experts" in the matter. I also read the NASB.

When I study, I review the Word from the perspectives of the various versions. I am aware of the differences in translation due to the differences in source material, as well as the differences in translation that are attributed to wording preference.

I will pray for you in your search. I might interject that my search is still unfinished. I am not so abundantly certain of the issue -- even after much study and research -- as to make any sort of final judgment on the matter. Until then, I read the [u]perfect[/u] Word of God, consulting several translations that I deem credible.



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 Re: what do you all think

Pray for guidance, then take the time to do some research into the history behind the various translations. Trust the insight that you receive.

Blessings Greg


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