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 New from South Korea

Searching the internet for great sermons that I could learn from, I came across this site. As for me, I am a 30 year old English teacher in South Korea (not grammar, so try not to pick me apart!!). Five years ago, after struggling through life, I found myself at World Youth Day 2002, where I believe I received a message that led me to be a Christian two years later. My life, like so many others, was hard and I was always making it harder. Since being baptized in a Baptist church in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, I have slowly, but more confidently been learning and appreciating my purpose in life. Now I am waiting for my masters (Acadia (Divinity College) University) and student loan applications to be approved, in Nova Socita. In the meantime, I am teaching English paying off previous student loans, spreading the gospel anyway that I can, and actually doing sermons once a month in my church here in Korea. My fiancee translates and I do what I can with my limited experience. I believe we have a purpose and that is to spread the Good News all over the world. I would appreciate any ones help, with anything that would be helpful. I am ready to serve. Thank you and may God Bless this website... you can email me as well, since this site is new to me...

 2007/1/14 5:47

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Philadelphia PA

 Re: New from South Korea

Brian, welcome to SI and to the forums :-)

I hope that you find much here, as I have, to encourage you and to draw you closer to our Great God. So many messages from so many different speakers have been a blessing to me. I think of Jim Cymbala and his calls to prayer or Richard Wurmbrand and his testimony of the keeping and overcoming power of God in the midst of evil, of darkness and hate.

One message which I especially treasure to have heard is called [i][b]Absolute Surrender[/b][/i], given by Keith Daniel.

[url=]Absolute Surrender[/url]


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Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/1/14 8:12Profile

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: New from South Korea

Welcome brother!

Hope you are greatly encouraged by all that is available here. One can get happily lost finding so much to glean from ... Let us know if we can be of any help navigating. :-)

Mike Balog

 2007/1/14 10:37Profile


Hey, welcome to Sermonindex!

 2007/1/14 14:16

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 Re: New from South Korea

Welcome brother. It is a pleasure to have you here apart of this wonderful family on this site.If you need anyone to pray for you and your family or anyone please let me know id be honored to pray for you. Well have a blessed day my brother .

Christ Servant and Yours
Daniel R. Cox


 2007/1/15 14:43Profile

 Re: Keith Daniel

Brother Chris,

Thank you for your warm welcome. I have since listened to Keith Daniel a few times and have taken to his messages. My middle name is Keith, so, along with his calm but confident tone, for me he has a ringing truth from the first to the last word he speaks.

I am open to more suggestions, especially since there are so many sermons on this site.

Thank you again.
God Bless,

 2007/1/18 1:06

 Re: Power of Prayer

Brother Daniel,

Thank you for welcoming to this site and family. As of now, I have no specific prayer that I would request from you, except that I follow God's will, no matter where it brings me...

May God Bless You and Yours,
Brian K. Vacheresse

 2007/1/18 1:14

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