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 Greek and Hebrew meaning of words...

Can someone recommend a good site where I can study the original Greek and Hebrew meanings of words used in scripture?

God bless,

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 Re: Greek and Hebrew meaning of words...

I have been using but I am looking for a simplier website for this also.

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 Re: has free bible program download with some basic original language studies.


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I have to add to what Evangelist has said about E-sword. This free download has worked very well for me. The King James plus shows the Strong's number and tells its possible meanings by putting your curser on the number.

This program also has a bunch of very good commentaries that can be downloaded. I have gotten now that I compare what different writers have said in their commentaries to prove an understanding is not of my own private interpretation. E-sword has been a blessing for me and it cuts down study time to make notes by a fraction.

By the way I like to use Wesley, Clark, Gill, and Mathew Henry's commentaries though others may be just as good.

Gary Eckenroth

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 Re: Greek and Hebrew meaning of words...

Hi D.J.

Recently I found I think one of the richest sites with Study Resources of the Bible - [url=][/url]
You can find online almost everything what is on e-sword.

• Interlinear Bible

• Parallel Bible

• Daily Reading Plan

• Devotionals

• Commentaries

• Concordances

• Dictionaries

And much more.
I hope it will be useful to you.

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You can't beat E-sword for its ease of use. It also has something called a Step Reader that creates a unique file that is quite easy to read. There is a John Wesley step reader that has a lot of good stuff! E-sword includes both Strong's and Thayer's lexicon, Easton's dictionary, and many other tools. I use it all the time.

The blue letter bible is good and I use this website sometimes when I'm online: [url=]Another Bible Tool[/url].

Ed Pugh

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