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 What name has God given you?

My name Laura means laurels which are used to make crowns for victory. That's where the idea for this poem came from. A poem about my name, the name God gave me! :)

My Name is Victory

A dark past haunts
Sorrows lurk inside the soul
Scars of sin cast shadows
To destroy the innocence remaining

Lust creeps into men's hearts
They prostitute themselves
With their eyes, their bodies, their minds
And recieve only torment and grief of unsatisfaction
The cost of purity for nothing

The world promises everything
But gives only pain and destruction
This world has no hope
Without a hero... without a Savior...

May the winds of change come quickly!
To your heart The Savior calls
He died on the cross to save you
Without Him all is lost

He has named me victory!
A child of holy light
As I follow Him wholeheartedly
Truth revealed, I'm given sight

The world's pleasures have proven worthless
And God's love a precious jewel
I rejoice in the truth as my love grows for Him
And I lose the will to sin!

He calls me into purity
To walk as he once did
He calls me into holiness
To be worthy of his promise

Oh sin! Death has come for you!
Righteousness stirs my soul!
A new life is ushered in
I've lost the will to sin!

What is sin that I would continue?
What blessing does it bring to me?
Tragedy! Tragedy! Tragedy!
To sin is to dance with the Devil!

How lovely you are oh God!
I don't want to be separated from you!
You alone are TRUTH
I can only trust in You.

My name is Victory!
I'll be on your side
The day when you return
On your white horse you'll ride
And defeat the last of the enemy!

May Your Kingdom come!
Your Kingdom reign!
And all evil crumble away!
May we all be children of victory
With a God who gives us grace!

My name is Victory!
All my life I'll follow You!
Through the narrow doorway I will go
A sheep of your flock,
A child of God.
Lord give me strength
To live in Your ways
And fulfill the name you've given me!

There is power in a name! What does your name mean and how can you live up to it with the power of God?!


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 Re: What name has God given you?

My name is Kathy which means pure one or purity.


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 Re: What name has God given you?

My name, Amy, means 'beloved', from the Latin 'ama- amare.'

I like that my name means 'beloved'...
It reminds me that no matter what, I am beloved... by my Jesus.

Amy King

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 Re: What name has God given you?

Matthew = gift of the Lord
Dyer = one who dyes
Grace = free and undeserved favour especially of God

it's kind of a rough outline of the gospel i think :
(Matthew)each of us was given a gift of the Lord, life and breath, (Dyer)but only through being dyed in the blood of jesus can we truly (Grace)recieve the greatest gift of free and undeserved favor.

from studying my name i'm pretty sure i was elected ;)

lets just hope the rest of my grace family can one day live up to the name.

my other immediate family's names
Sally(grace)mom = to rush forward or leap
Jeff(grace)dad = God's peace, or bringer of peace
Kristina(grace)sister = christian
and my mothers maiden name is maloney = servant of the church

i hope and pray that these names are a precursor of times to come in my family.


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