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 Proud vs. Humble - Recognition ~ Nancy Leigh DeMoss

My sister shared this with me today. Pride...that deadly sin!

[b]Proud vs. Humble - Recognition[/b]

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Proud people crave self-advancement.

"I’ve got to word this report in a way that sets me apart from the pack."

Nancy: But humble people desire to promote others.

"How can I word this so that everybody gets the credit they deserve?"

Nancy: Proud people feel wounded when others are promoted and they’re overlooked.

"Why would they put her in charge?"

Nancy: Humble people are excited when others are lifted up.

"Congratulations! Let me know how I can help."

Nancy: Proud people are elated by praise and deflated by criticism.

"He’s always shooting my ideas down!"

Nancy: Humble people know that any praise for their accomplishments belongs to the Lord.

"It’s just by God’s grace."

Nancy: What does recognition—or the lack of it—reveal about the condition of your heart?

With Seeking Him, I'm Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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 Re: Proud vs. Humble - Recognition ~ Nancy Leigh DeMoss

There is a sermon on brokeness by her that is very good. I want to get it up on the site soon.

Here is a good list of evidences of pride by her

I love this one:

[b]When Do We Need Revival?[/b]

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This list of evidences of pride by Nancy DeMoss is excellent. I would like to share something that impressed me when I was a teen. My memory was evoked when she made this point: Are you uncomfortable inviting people into your home because you think it is not nice enough or you cannot afford to any lavish entertaining.

When I attended Bible School in OH in the mid 60s, some of the students boarded in a local home, the home of the conference mission secretary. I visited there and was appalled with the crudeness of the home. I came from a home that was very modern, nice and new. But these students told me they loved being there: this couple made them feel at home, welcome and loved. They were excellent hosts. Furnishings had nothing to do with it. Powerful lesson to this proud teen.


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 Re: Ouch! You might need a band aid...

41 Evidences of Pride by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

unfortunately, I do find myself in some of these okay, a lot of these. but when I look at these it reminds me that I need to change, and helps me to take each of them to the Lord and ask His help in learning to humble myself.


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