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 The Judgment Seat of Christ

Someone on another website blog recently featured this sermon by Leonard Ravenhill:

Judgment Seat of Christ

The video is also available here:

here are some comments:

I disagree with Ravenhill on a handful of theological issues, but I'd LOVE to see a whole army of his ilk raised up to preach to this crazy world we live in.
I have a feeling there *is* a group of preachers following in his footsteps, but you'll never see thm in our big-name churches anymore.
Posted by: chris at December 3, 2006 10:14 PM

Here is the printed version of that sermon by Mr. Ravenhill:
The Judgment Seat of Christ
By Leonard Ravenhill

and here is another one that goes with it:
Your Day in Court
By Leonard Ravenhill

I read them nearly 25 years ago and they had a lasting impact on me. To think that I will appear, that we will all appear, before Almighty God, the Creator of all that is, in all of His majestic glory, leaves me awe struck.
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Posted by: Douglas at December 4, 2006 05:52 AM

One notable aspect of Ravenhill's sermon, and I think pastors and preachers today would do well to emulate; is that he was not timid about mentioning names in political or religious institutions. His mixture of these names with Scripture was directly related to sin issues, such as lying and the teaching of false Biblical doctrines.
Unlike what we just witnessed with the conference put on by Rick Warren who opened his pulpit to known politicians for dialogue, Ravenhill brought in, and pointed the finger directly at, the names only of people who had been caught in lies which threatened his flock.
He was able to make a distinction between literal and spiritual interpretation of Scriptures. I applaud him for tackling the Revelation message which I think is such a necessary message, especially for Christians today.
Posted by: George Cancilla at December 3, 2006 02:36 PM

What is truly needed in this hour is not another evangical superstar promoting another wind of doctrine but the Holy Spirit of Living GOD convicting us of our true standing as he did with Isaiah before a HOLY and RIGHTEOUS GOD.
Posted by: ron at December 3, 2006 08:15 AM

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 Re: The Judgment Seat of Christ

Have listened to this message more than once and it never fails to convict.

You can't help but see our apathy concerning the judgment seat, as though it won't really happen.
We dismiss it, as though God wasn't serious about it.

How shallow and blind we are, to suppose anything in the word of God will fall to the ground without it happening.

God, help us to watch and pray. And You say unto us all, watch.

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