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 A Witness Encounter, Part 7

I would like to share more of the many witness encounters that I have experienced this year, to try and encourage those that are strong and mature in the faith, to also take up the Great Commission and try and reach lost souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, because 150,000 people die EVERYDAY, that's 7000 an hour!


Today, whilst letterboxing Christmas Tracts on a local council estate, I decided to visit the local parish priest.

I had read some days earlier that he had been the victim of a brutal mugging and robbery of personal items.

We at Ex-Catholics for Christ are always interested in the clergy and we were concerned about his physical condition.

I decided to visit him and offer a Bible tract and also my Son James’ personal tract about the soldier at Buckingham Palace.

On ringing his doorbell I noticed that a CCTV camera was recording all my details. However he opened the door after the first ring and I offered him the first tract with the offer of a free KJV Bible. He took it rather grudgingly without a word of thanks. I might as well have been offering him a dead cat or a half eaten pizza! He clearly wasn’t interested.

“How are you”, I asked? “I would like to leave you these to look at and on the back of James’ tract you will see that I am from Ex-Catholics for Christ…if you’re interested please check out our website or I can tell you more now!”

He froze at this admission and quickly thrust them back at me saying with patronizing manner, “No thanks, I don’t want them and I would suggest you return to the one true church.”

And what would that be I asked politely. By now he was becoming very rude and refused to discuss the matter as I tried to carry on the conversation. Then he slowly shut the door in my face. But I had expected such a rude dismissal. His expression had gone from distaste to fear to impatience and with that our brief encounter was over. How sad I thought that he refused the offer of a Bible or the chance to tell me why I should quickly return to his church.

You know it has been said that the Roman Catholic Church is a cult and with this rebuttal to my offer and enquiry about his physical and spiritual health, I rather agree. And of course I was a member of such an iniquitous organization for over 25 years.

Yet Praise the Lord I saw the light before it was too late for me.

So do please pray for this young priest (30yrs old) that he leaves the church and that the doubts that I had about Rome will cause him to question such a false organization as well. Maybe then he will re-examine his future and leave the priesthood – repent and become Born Again.

If not then he, with his church, will smoulder forever in the lake of fire.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

 Re: A Witness Encounter, Part 7

It's great that you're witnessing Christ always, but I think you could have been a little more diplomatic in telling him about yourself...I think when he, right away, heard "Ex-Catholics for Christ" he, being a Roman Catholic priest, turned off right away and didn't want to hear anything more. You said that before you told him anything about a true relationship with Jesus, which he might have (but i have some doubt) listened to instead.

Ben Ordaz

 2006/12/6 17:23Profile

Joined: 2006/10/11
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It can be a delicate balancing act when trying to witness to Catholics, for sooner of later, you will have to inform them where you are coming from.

This priest was only ever going to give my father a few minutes at the most, so he did what he could with such limited time.

Thanks for your prayers for this young priest.

 2006/12/6 17:40Profile

 What about those boys?

I thank God you at least tried to speak to the priest. You know things do not always appear what they seem to be at first. Let me explain. The priest moved here only six weeks ago and was walking up one of the streets near my home at 10:30pm smoking a cigarette listening to i believe an MP3 player. The story says he was asked by the teenagers for a cigarette which he handed over. Next thing you know he was beaten up and mugged. The thing is knowing a lot of the teenagers around here i cannot help but think there really is more to this. The priests cold reception added to my suspiscions.
I really do not want to lay blame at anyones feet for what happened but what about those young boys? If there is more to the story than at first meets the eye then what will those boys be thinking about religion now as a whole? (He wore his Priests clothing and carried his rosery beads). So i would also like it if we could pray for these boys. What they did was terrible and unthinkable but they need our prayers too as the priest has used the papers here to get back at them and now i think it will be harder to witness to them. Please pray so that if i do happen to talk to these boys they will recieve the gospel message without any biterness.

 2006/12/8 5:03

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