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 A Witness Encounter, Part 1

With the manic lead up to Christmas now truly underway, more people will be consuming alcohol than at any other time of the year.

Today my father and I were once again out and about in our local town distributing Christmas Gospel tracts.

It wasn’t long before somebody stopped to talk.

This particular person stunk of alcohol and had just put his cigarette out before starting to speak to me.

He told me he was a Christian and went to church often. I’ve heard this many times before from “church people” so I asked him if he were Born Again. No, he wasn’t, he replied nor did he understand what this term meant.

I did my best to explain the plan of Salvation to him but little impact was made on him, from what I saw.

He told me he hadn’t read his Bible in 6 months, but kept it under his bed, for some kind of “lucky charm” thing.

I told him he wouldn’t go very long without food or water yet his spiritual food was now terribly malnourished.

I walked him thru the Law to show him our sinful natures and informed him (with much compassion) that if he died tonight (he was adamant he wouldn’t) he’d go straight to Hell.

He then told me he had a young son.

I told him that when a person gets saved they want to please Jesus as a child does their parent.

We agreed his drinking and smoking wasn’t a good example to set his son. He responded by saying his wife (now divorced) also drinks and smokes, so he didn’t feel too bad about his godless life.

One last comment I made to him were the dying words of George Best: "Don't Die Like Me."

Anyhow, he clutched my tract, thanked me for caring to take the time for him, and with that off he went.

Please pray for this man and his young son.

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Joined: 2006/10/11
Posts: 116

 Re: A Witness Encounter, Part 1

I had another opportunity to witness to our self-confessed alcoholic friend today - Nick - and I gave him our new George Best tract. We again had a good chat about sin and its eternal consequences, but he‘s still not able to fully comprehend the Gospel or die to sin, and yet he goes to church sometimes?

I hope to see him tomorrow, so may I request additional prayers for Nick and his family.



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