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 Germany Outreach, Part 1

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany:
Witness Encounter, Part 1

Upon arriving in Berlin last Saturday, we ventured out late into the evening, to see first-hand, some of the cities amazing landmarks. Weather was exceptionally mild and after arming ourselves with five different types of Gospel tracts (in two languages) off we went.

We spotted two ladies admiring the infamous Checkpoint Charlie (thankfully disbanded in 1989.) We went over to them and asked them to help us translate one of our German tracts, for we had only taken delivery of them from the US days before leaving for Germany, and our American printer had not supplied us with an English translation.

One kindly offered to help us, but it soon transpired that our two ladies were in fact Italian, and lapsed Catholics at that!

James gave them his testimony about leaving the music world to serve the Lord, then told them about some of the 10 Commandments (please see our good person test for explanation) before explaining repentance and faith in Jesus.

Both ladies listened in absolute silence for 5 mins.

One lady (Francesca) had gone from believing in practically nothing, to now thinking she’d go to Hell. The other still hoped for Heaven. After we explained that God demands perfection and holiness for Heaven (only Jesus could offer this to a holy God), both looked concerned and so they should do.

James then explained how Jesus as Saviour had paid their fine in full.

Finally, we decided we had said enough and asked them to consider what they had heard. We said goodnight to them and wished them good luck (and a happy birthday to Francesca’s friend for the following day), but not before leaving them our contact details and two Gospel tracts.

Please pray for Francesca and her friend.

(Pictures and video-clips to be added to our website soon.)

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