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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Gay Doesn't Equal Sin

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Joined: 2006/12/7
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hi. first poster here. I came to this site because someone recommended some Paul Walker audio. I registered to post because I wanted to respond to Lazarus1719's comment but then found that Ironman already had addressed my concerns for the most part and did so very well. So, im just voicing my agreement with him. :)

I know this has all been said before and more eloquently by others, but it makes me sad to hear any who love and worship Jesus demonize homosexuals as if they were some kind of "worst" sinner. I want to hear "abomination" from the lips of those same christians about dishonesty, lies, sowing discord, arrogance, greed, oppressing the poor, and even eating lobster(if you want to strictly apply the law of moses.) All those things and more scripture calls abomination.

Thank you Ironman from bringing up that Ezekiel 16 passage. Its suprising how many proclaim God destroyed sodom because of homosexuality and ignore or are ignorant of the the very plain direct explanation of Ezekiel 16 which incriminates much of the american church as much or more than it does the homosexual for our abominable ways. God help us all.. I cant agree more.

If there were such thing as a "worst" sinner it would someone who is unrepentant, and granted, there are many homosexuals who are unrepentant, but the same could be said for many many church-goers. I would be so bold to suggest the church is partly responsible for the militancy of the homosexual camp. We have treated homosexuals as abominations and attacked them with such ferocity that I believe that many backed into a polarizing stance defending their desires, rather than feeling the invitation to grapple with them and turn to Jesus or His church for answers. We have not extended to them the grace we are so indebted to Jesus for, the gracious hospitality that offers them room at the cross with us, to fight, to struggle, to nail our ugly desires to the cross, and receive the dispensation of new desire. I know more than a few homosexuals who are honestly struggling with their sexual desires and who want to embrace the truth at any cost. What i find most amazing is that they want it so bad they are even willing to humble themselves to actually listen to christians who spew judgement and condemnation. That is almost proof in itself of the holy spirit's power to call and convict. What a different place the american church would be if we were filled with the kind of desperate humility where we would actually listen to those who say hateful things about us.

brian h

 2006/12/7 16:23Profile

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