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 Prosperous, Comfortable and Spiritually Bored ~ Tozer

The evangelical Christian need make no apology for his beliefs. They are in direct lineal descent from those of the apostles. He can check the tenets of his total creed against the life giving, transforming beliefs of church fathers both East and West, reformers, mystics, missionaries, saints and evangelists, and they will check out one by one. Then let him check them all with the Holy Scriptures and again they will prove to be sound. What then is the trouble? Why the inertia, the torpor that lies over the church? The answer is that we are too comfortable, too rich, too contented. We hold the faith of our fathers, but it does not hold us. We are suffering from judicial blindness visited upon us because of our sins. To us has been committed the most precious of all treasures, but we are not committed to it. We insist upon making our religion a form of amusement and will have fun whether or not. We are afflicted with religious myopia and see only things near at hand. God has set eternity in our hearts and we have chosen time instead. He is trying to interest us in a glorious tomorrow and we are settling for an inglorious today. We are bogged down in local interests and have lost sight of eternal purposes. We improvise and muddle along, hoping for heaven at last but showing no eagerness to get there, correct in doctrine but weary of prayer and bored with God.

[url=]A.W. Tozer[/url]

Mike Balog

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 Re: Prosperous, Comfortable and Spiritually Bored ~ Tozer

So true. . . it is a blessing if God afflicts His children (especially here in prosperous America) with PAIN, because "It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn your statutes" (Psalm 119:71). Maurice Roberts said, "When we are in trouble, the promises of God's word are more precious to us than gold."

Also, taken from Roberts' book [u]Great God of Wonders[/u], is this fascinating antidote to spiritual complacency: "To think about God aright is THE MOST EXCITING OCCUPATION POSSIBLE for any created being."

Jennifer Richardson

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 Re: Prosperous, Comfortable and Spiritually Bored ~ Tozer

Serious reading for a mature audience,I get convicted everytime I read something like this,it makes me want to get more of my Lord and less of me.May our merciful God help us get closer and much closer to Him.
Posts of this measure do not get frequent feedbacks,maybe it is too much for some of us.
God bless you brother.Keep up the glorious work of our Father.Isa.53

Jaime Romero

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 Re: Tozer's warnings

What a meticulously-crafted article - a thorough diagnosis stated in such a few words!

When was this written? 30+ years ago? ... in my "back yard" - not far from where I lived. Yet, I don't remember hearing such words. (maybe didn't want to because I liked the comforts and security provided by the church)

We are now reaping what we sowed - or should I say the upcoming generation is.


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 Re: Prosperous, Comfortable and Spiritually Bored ~ Tozer

Hi Just excited to be a new part of what God is doing thru this ministry and likewise with the tozer forum as he is one of my top 2 favorite preachers and i'm very happily here with some tozer from bible truth forum( a dvd of 375 of his sermons in mp3 format) and came upon this post so convicting Im ashamed of my selfness and encouraged to prees on in this God grace weve recieved thru His blood and Spirit. thank you Jesus!!!

"Then said I,Woe is me! for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of Hosts" Isaiah 6:5

[url=]A.W. Tozer[/url]


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