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 Don Francisco

I would like to open an offer to you all that Don and his family are giving out. They just opened up all their music online (most of it I believe) for free. (Previously it was like $30 for a lifetime membership or whatever and access, but some could not afford that, so he just opened it up to all.)

This music is really great. I mean, really. I haven't listened to all of it, but mostly his older stuff seems to really got that... gosh, niceness to it. And his children/wife's music is different too but along the same lines of single instrument + voice + storytelling. Download the Collections thing for what I'm talking about.

He seems to be different than most "Christian" artists in the sense that he is really honest and just tells good stories that I've noticed and is very... gosh, it's just I feel he has God's anointing on him and his family I believe and I don't need to listen to all of his songs, only a few, to tell that. :)

Some recommendations to start you off:

[url= ]He's Alive - [/url]

[url=]Steeple Song-[/url]

[url= ]I Don't Care Where You've Been Sleepin-[/url]

Found on Youtube, a live video of his "Grace on Grace" just recently filmed,

Etc. Hope it blesses you as much as it has me.
(Forgot, here: )


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 Re: Don Francisco

Jordan wrote:

gosh, niceness

gosh, it's just I feel

Jordan, do you not have a conscience against using profanity?


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Focus on the spirit of the post

Jordan, do you not have a conscience against using profanity

Ginnyrose, perhaps you don’t know what has happened recently in Jordan’s life. God’s Spirit has been doing an amazing work to awaken his conscience. He is honestly working on having better language. But this 16 yo has not yet found the verse in scripture that says ‘Thou shalt not say “Gosh”. He didn’t have the same religious background as you or I did where in Sunday School we learned that gosh, golly, gee, geewizz, geepers, are all probably derivatives of God and Jesus, and thus not the most refined of word choices.

Jordan is here to grow in his love for Christ, and we are here to cooperate with the Spirit, not to create a religious conformist. The transforming work inside this heart must come first. The ‘p’s and ‘q’s will come along.

If you listen to the music links that he has posted, and you will be blessed. And you will be touched that this youth has chosen not to jump to the tunes of the world.

Jordan, thanks for the music. I am always happy for leads to good Christian music.

Just a sidenote:
As a musician I fervently believe that good music has a tremendous role in our lives. And yet, in order to be strong, mature Christians, we must keep God's Word a priority, and also our own prayer life - where we hear personally from the Spirit.

I say that because I see so many Christian youth who get carried away with music. As a result, their relationship with God suffers. Jordan, I trust that you will always guard your heart - and be careful to seek first the Giver, and then praise him for the gifts.

Thank you for introducing me to Don Francisco.
Edit: He has some carefully thought-out articles too. He's more than just a musician, he is a man who seeks truth.

God bless


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 Re: Don Francisco

Jordan, thank you for the information, these are wonderful news.

One of my favourte songs by Don Francisco is [url=]Too Small A Price[/url]
His songs are whole stories.

Here are the lyrics of that song:

[b]Too Small A Price[/b]
by Don Francisco

I awoke to hear the jailer turn the key and push the door
"Get out here!" he shouted, but I stayed there on the floor
Frozen in the terror that rose and filled my brain
For I knew what they intended; I could not face the pain

Then soldier's came into the cell and they dragged me to the yard
They threw me down before a cross and brought the whip down hard
"Carry it!" they shouted as I struggled to my feet
I put my shoulder under it; dragged it to the street

I stumbled through a wall of screams as they drove me through the gate
It seemed that thousands lined the streets, their voices filled with hate
Like a wolf pack in the night that moves in for the kill
They closed the gap and followed us as we started up the hill

And it seemed I'd barely reached the top when they grabbed me from behind
They threw the cross down under me and tied the ropes that bind
The arms close to the beams as they nailed the feet and hands
And they raised the cross up in the air and dropped it in it's stand

Through a blur of pain I saw the cross there next to mine
There were people all around it so I looked to read the sign
It was nailed there up above His head so the world could see the news
That the man who seemed so helpless there was the King of all the Jews

Well, the crowd that stood around His cross made jokes about His name
They shouted, laughed and spat on Him so I joined in the game
Then I said, "Hey! if you're the King why don't You get us down from here?
The taunt just sounded hollow and it echoed in my ears

'Cause He looked at me with eyes that seemed to reach into my heart
They shone a light on all my lies and tore my life apart
There was more that lay behind His gaze than simply blood and clay
But knowing was too much for me; I had to look away

Then I chanced another look at Him as He was looking down
Where the soldiers who'd just crucified us drank there on the ground
And although He spoke them quietly, somehow His words came through
He said, "Father, please forgive them; they don't know what they do."

Then as if they'd heard Him speaking, the crowd began to roar
Whipped to frenzy by the priests who urged them on to more
But the worse the accusations, now, the plainer I could see
The guilt of the accusers -- not the One there next to me

Then the man upon the other cross began to curse and swear
But his voice was filled with venom as he hurled it through the air
When all the horror that was in him, and had laid his life to waste
Came out in every syllable he flung in Jesus' face

And Jesus only looked at him, but something rose inside of me
And in spite of all that watched us there, it couldn't be denied
Because His righteousness and innocence were shining bright and strong
I just couldn't keep my silence and that cursing still went on

I cried out, "Don't you fear the wrath of God even at the end?
You'll curse us both into the pit -- is that what you intend?
We're only getting what we're due -- we've sinned our whole lives long
But don't you talk to Him that way -- He's done nothing wrong!"

Then with all my courage, in a voice not quite my own
I asked Him, "Lord, remember me when you come into your throne."
He answered me and even then, His love was undisguised
He said, "Before the sun has set today, you'll be with Me in Paradise."

Well the shouts and curses did not stop even when the sunlight ceased
But somehow in the midst of it my soul had been released
And though the agony continued, it was still too small a price
To be allowed to hear those words, and to die beside the Christ!

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 Re: Sabado Gigante

When I seen the headline "Don Francisco" I thought about the host of the biggest show in the world: Sabado Gigante (Gigantic Saturday).

I'm thinking he got saved or something.
:-) This is a universal 3-hour show with OVER A HUNDRED MILLION VIEWERS...WEEKLY!!!! Don Francisco is the biggest name in every spanish household, even Israel.

Imagine the impact he would make if a man this big got on his kness, repented, and lived soley, and wholly to Jesus Christ our Lord. ok, wrong thread, sorry.


Leonardo Santana

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Please...I asked Jordan this question and I do not expect anyone else to answer for him....

And as a side note, would you deny the possibiltiy of my question as being one in which the Holy Spirit would use to help him in his growth and knowledge in the LORD? When God cleans up a person, there is a lot of confrontation between what was and what HE wants us to become...happens to all who follow the LORD...


Sandra Miller

 2006/11/25 14:24Profile


Jordan, do you not have a conscience against using profanity

Profanity? Are you kidding me?...I am fairly new to this forum, but I do not apologize for my bluntness. The brother was just trying to share some quality christian music with other folks on this forum. In fact, I thought his post was rather endearing. He sounded like "The Beaver!"

And as a side note, would you deny the possibiltiy of my question as being one in which the Holy Spirit would use to help him in his growth and knowledge in the LORD? When God cleans up a person, there is a lot of confrontation between what was and what HE wants us to become...happens to all who follow the LORD...

I do not think the Holy Spirit would "strain at a knat!"

 2006/11/25 21:32

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Phoenix, Arizona USA


I do not think the Holy Spirit would "strain at a knat!(sic)"

Actually, using an alternative expletive may seem like a small matter but the Holy Spirit is deeply concerned with the [i]every[/i] detail of our lives that is not Christ-like and He deals with them, in His own timing.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: Profanity

What do you make of Mat 12:36 (Jesus is speaking) But I say unto you, That every idle word that, men shall speak, they shall give account thereof, in the day of judgment.

If any poster would have come on board here and declared he wanted to do something ungodly, many would come on with rebuke.....why the difference with profanity? Consider James 2:10: For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. Or consider Exo 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. Not to my knowledge has Jesus ever rescinded this command. I am shocked you consider this a 'knat'. (in Mississippi we have gnats!):-(


Sandra Miller

 2006/11/25 22:00Profile



First of all, thank you for the spelling lesson.

Secondly, that is the first time in my life that I have ever heard that "gosh" was profanity. So since it seems to be a gray area, I do not think that it is necessary for you to lay a heavy burden upon this young kid's back.

Yes, I agree with Matthew 12:36, but please do not take scripture out of context. Jesus was talking about the words we use as they relate to the condition of our hearts. He is saying that an unregenerate person’s words will condemn him in the Day of Judgment. His own words will testify against him; that he never knew God. He is not talking about one of His children slipping up here and there.

My goodness! Who could stand if that were so?

I do not know this brother’s heart, but if he was just trying to share some godly Christian music with folks, then I can assume he was speaking out of the “good treasure of his heart.” Then according to scripture, Jesus would have no problem with what he said.

 2006/11/25 22:36

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