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Joined: 2006/11/23
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 An Apology

I'd like to apologize for a thread I posted concerning swearing that was really pointless and even though it had a point I made it so vague and so nondescript and it was just wrong and so I'm sorry. Along the same lines I'd also like to apologize for not praying before I posted... and posting when I wasn't in the Spirit and was in the Flesh, it showed I suppose. Please forgive me.


 2006/11/24 2:38Profile

 Re: An Apology

My dear brother,
I must tell you publicly how blessed I was to fellowship with you, and pray with you. What a joyous blessed time that was in the Lord with our dear sister Dorcas, it will be a memory that I cherish as long as I am in this clay vessel and beyond,

I lovingly encourage you to make study of the "Life of Brainerd", as you will see that he was not unique, that many of his struggles and heartaches, heartcries and the same Spirit that propelled him to do great things for God, you share with this precious lonely saint.

Know that God will use you to do great things for His Kingdom, as long as you stay hid up in His Word, yearning, seeking and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Praise the Name of Jesus for the fellowship of the believers, we grab onto those encounters and moments and ponder them in our hearts, cherished possessions, taking the form of memory.
I remain, your Blood brother, neil

 2006/11/24 3:33


I am so blessed you guys met together with our sister Dorcus!!! What a blessing it is to actually have the opportunity to meet and pray together. What encouragement and edification there is in fellowship!!! Praise the Lord!! :-)

 2006/11/24 4:42

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 Re: to Jordan

I praise God that he enabled you to take that long trip from Texas to Chicago, and that he gave you a spiritual mom in Linn and a spiritual dad in Neil. Surely such determination to go where God’s Spirit dwells, in preferences over the delights of this world, pleases God.

I recently read about Jonathan Edward’s youth – about how even at that young age he determined to go after the things of God. He developed a life pattern of reading, studying, praying, and writing down his thoughts. He was never without a pen. As a result thousands were (and still are) blessed.

There is no limit what God can do in and through those who surrender their lives to him. Jordan, 16 years-old is a good age to develop life habits that you will never regret in later years.

May God be your greatest delight, and continue to lead you into a life-pattern of brokenness. And may he continue to lead you to godly role-models.



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 Re: Endearing and enduring

Praise the Name of Jesus for the fellowship of the believers, we grab onto those encounters and moments and ponder them in our hearts, cherished possessions, taking the form of memory.

What a grand encouragement. Some interesting and wonderful providence to bring the Brethren together from far flung lands.

Jordan, for all the times one hears this appropriated wrongly, often the inverse of the truth, emphasizing the first line and ignoring the remainder... May this become more and more true of you;

1Ti 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

The greatest of all Christian understanding is first and foremost honesty of heart. With a certainty, 'age' in the life of a believer is measured on a entirely different scale, very much the point of the verse above and something we have seen and all need to recall to our own minds no matter how long we have followed the Lord.

[i]Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection[/i] Heb 6:1

Mike Balog

 2006/11/24 8:35Profile

 Mikey Balog

We KNOW what we have here.

this site.

It is God Himself redeeming and using something, the Internet, to craft, albeit not without pain, a gathering of saints, whether they be farflung, or whether they are blessed enough to encounter face to face.

This, to us, is MUCH MORE, than just a website, it is 12 stones put on the bank of the River Jordan. It is all of us together marching across, thru DSL, phonelines, ethernets, fat pipes, etc, into a sort of promised land.

Forgive my hyperventilating, but the Lord is doing something REAL here, its going from the anonymous, into the real, the real Love of Christ.

"and they were gathered together in one accord".

I feel something happening and stirring in the Holy Ghost, and I can't exactly describe it, except to say:

God be praised.


 2006/11/24 12:21

 Re: An Apology

bartle, I was mighty surprised by your kind words, but thank you for them. Indeed we did have a wonderful time of open fellowship and God was with us through the Spirit to bless and to heal. Amen. :-D

Jordan turned up on my journey again in Dallas, and again was a great blessing.... helping me to the airport at an unearthly hour of the morning. We saw dawn.

While I'm here, in the last hours of this trip, let me share that I had a wonderful time with Dian (Spitfire) and her family - met Richard her husband who came to the Lord recently - and her son who is beautiful.

In Dallas, I was blessed to meet Scroggins, who fetched me out of the airport to a great time of fellowship over a meal, and a time of prayer.

I met two other non-SI people, with whom I also had a great time.... one a Christian, one not.... and now I am on my way home. Thank you for the prayers of those who knew I was travelling at such short notice.

Y'all who knew I was hoping to come in the spring, I have no idea what the Lord has in mind now.. I just knew I had to take the sudden opportunity which the Lord brought to pass this month. We will seek His mind, and trust to meet according to His will and in His time. Bless you all. And thank you. :-)

 2006/11/27 13:52

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Wellington, Ohio

 Re: An Apology

I love you Jordan... even if im not always able to answer your calls. (ofcourse, the reason im not, is because i know it will always be a sweet conversation that will last for several hours)

Joe E

 2006/11/27 17:38Profile

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 Re: True Fellowship

Dear Friends, I must put in my 2 cents since we're all getting so mushy. Linn (Dorcas) was in our home for 2 days and she was a total delight. We felt as if we'd known her our entire lives. She encouraged us, laughed with us, cried with us and prayed with us. I can't wait till she comes again.

I wish I could meet you all! My precious brethren! I do hope Linn comes to the U.S. again soon and we all congregate somewhere where we can have a group hug. She speaks so highly of you all. I know I'll love you just as much as she does. Love, Dian.

 2006/11/28 20:49Profile

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