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 Dealing with a unclean spirit

Dealing with a unclean spirit

Cast it out!! (Mark 16:17) If you’re looking for a five step formula or seven apostolic keys you’re not going to find it. I’ve noticed in today’s world many people are trying to counsel demons or find pills for them to take, but we are called to cast them out. In scripture we have approved examples on how the church dealt with the issue. (Acts 16:18 Mark 1:25). I like to share one instance with you when I had to cast out a demon. I went to a place called Prayer Mountain to pray with a friend of mine. We went into a chapel where we usually pray every so often, yet to my surprise this time was very different. As soon as I walked into the room I sensed in my spirit something demonic. I looked over and saw two women praying for a boy. This boy was no older than 10 years old. So my friend and I walked over to the boy and began to pray, just then the boy began to manifest, his throat began to flicker he had unusual strength and was foaming out of his mouth. When this happens you’re put to the test. What do you really believe? What scriptures are you going to quote? What sermon will come to your remembrance? Can I tell you when all this happend I realized I didn’t have much to offer, but what I did have was my sweet JESUS. My friend began to sing worship songs as I reached for this boy. I gave him a hug and cried out to my God. God moved into that chapel and that boy left changed by the power of God. What I’m trying to say is that God moves in different ways. I can share other expiences but everyone is different. I remember a teaching that at first I thought was crazy yet later on God quicked my spirit and used it as a model.
1. Truth encounter: give them the truth
2. Love encounter: share God’s love
3. Power encounter: demonstrate the power of God
I would have to say the most important thing when dealing with spiritual warfare is your relationship with JESUS.


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