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 A Question for RoaringLamb

Hey Roaringlamb,
That quote you have from Tozer- what is the name of the sermon/essay that contains that quote? I've been looking for it and haven't been able to find it...

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 Re: A Question for RoaringLamb

Actually, I found it like this...
Luke 12:49-53
"When confused sheep start over a cliff the individual sheep can save himself only be separating from the flock. Perfect unity at such a time can only mean total destruction for all. The wise sheep to save his own hide disaffiliates.
Power lies in the union of things similar and the division of things dissimilar. Maybe what we need in religious circles today is not more union but some wise and courageous division. Everyone desires peace but it could be that revival will follow the sword."
AW Tozer
So it may be from a devotion, but I'm not sure. I loook around though.

patrick heaviside

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 Re: A Question for RoaringLamb

Hi, this is an article called "Division are not always bad" from the book [url=]God tells the man who cares[/url].
You can read the whole article [url=]here.[/url]

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