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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Personal Revivial, I need a new fire about heaven and hell and sin

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Joined: 2005/1/6
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Hemel Hempstead

 Personal Revivial, I need a new fire about heaven and hell and sin

In Church Johnny G has done a sermon on heaven and hell and recently we were talking about heaven and hell to one of our friends at work who we want to be saved!!! and I want to be saved but I am arguing whether I want to be his friend!!
As it says a friend with the world is an enemy of god!!
I have been struggling with sin as the moment it is almost like I am lax with it!! I so want to confess it and have that great step of faith!!!
There was a time in my life when even small things would bother me!! Ever since jumping out of the window. It is like I have been quiet on my faith other than recently handing out tracks about heaven and hell on the street and other things!! I have been so wanting this guy to be saved his dad is a catholic and I almost need a personal revivial in my own life as I know there are many hurts and things that I dont want to admit to the Lord and I want Jesus to be Lord of my Life!! completly!! I feel like my fire has grown dim!! My sister who is also a christian who is a dancer she is strugling and like me I want her to stand up in fact I want evry one in the church to know that they are a christian not only in word and in deed including myself!!
I have been trying to get the diary of David Brainard on MP3 to liven my faith ! And I want so much to be obedient. Prayer I have been struggling with recently!!
I used to write down what sins I did and then confess them to someone and it really made me feel clean. Because it says confess yours sins to one another so that you may be healed and I need healing.
All I want is god to get the glory and forgive!! and to sometimes be harsh but it is like I need jesus!!
I know I am not the best christian but I need a revivial in my own life

Dominic Shiells

 2006/11/21 14:29Profile

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 Re: Personal Revivial, I need a new fire about heaven and hell and sin

You need to read Isaiah 58:1-6

If you keep your heart set upon God he will deliver you from your shortcomings. If all you have is vs one you are not justified. But It takes faith to seek God as the children of israel do in vs two. If you seek God in such a manner, by faith, God will correct your mistakes in vs 3-4 and teach you how to mortify your flesh and break the yoke of bondage. As he shows the children of israel in vs 5-6.

All people have vs one. But it is the faith and love shown in vs 2 that seperates the sheep from the goats. We all still have shortcomings, but if we keep our hearts on the lord, He will continue to change us day by day into his image.

Your salvation is not based upon your performance. Your performance is based upon your salvation. Go back to your first love and from this love will grow the fruits of prayer, study, worship and fasting. Salvation comes before all these things. I pray your heart is broken and the hardness is swept way with God's restoring spirit. Let God's love fill you once again.. You need to force yourself to read the word. If you dont' read the word you won't have any strength of faith. If you don't have any faith, why pray. If you don't fast, you aren't opening the door for deliverance.

Take control of what you can. Force feed yourself the word of God and he will set you free. Shortcomings are O.K. with God. He can change those. Complacency is a sin of mass destruction. Its one thing to have sin, its another thing to permit sin.

Grace is not the ability to get closer to the world without perishing. Its the ability to get closer to God without perishing.

Be sure too, that after starting in faith, you don't copy the galatians and try to perfect yourself by works. Faith starts the change in your life, and faith perfects the change in your life. We can sometimes be guilty of thinking that since we have been saved for a while, we are no longer a sinner saved by grace, but that we become a saint justified by how well we can behave. "read the bible such and such a time, pray so often, don't do this don't do that. But in the heart we have thoughts of envy fornication and wickedness." Don't think your perfect just because your outward man is clean all the time. If you do, the inward man that is saved but not yet made perfect will be unprotected because of your pride. This will give way to temptation of the heart. And brother if your heart goes, your body will follow it right into sin. Don't think you must now perfectly fulfill the law just because you have been saved for a period of time. You still are just a sinner saved by grace, the same now as day one.

Matt Chenier

 2006/11/21 15:41Profile

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u.s.a. /


let me, quickly, refer you to the book of Galatians in the New Testament. Prayerfully read this and let God speak to you as you open up your heart to his instruction.

 2006/11/21 16:06Profile

Joined: 2005/1/6
Posts: 1774
Hemel Hempstead


It is not that it is that I see things around me and I cry , I know my life is not perfect I know the grace of god but do other people that God chose by chose to die for us and chose to leave heaven for us and that he didnt have to!!
It is like we take that grace for granted and that no action as james says faith without works is dead . I do not want to live a life that is not pleasing to him.
I know the book of Galations I know I used to pray alot more it is that yearning I know when there is much strife in my life god is with me the most and I do not want to comprimise with the world and I know I have done!! I need that fire back again that faith if nothing is impossible with god then why not is a personal reivial not possible!!
I need a personal revivial because of my sin I want to be so close to god!!
I know what I want god to do and I know it is not impossible nothing is for our Lord!!
I have just been feeling personally that the devil of unbelief creeps in and says you cannot do this or this is impossible!! and I am sick of listening to that voice because I get it so often.
I wont go out and hand out tracks because I am afraid of what people think or I wont preach because I am scared of the police or I wont share what my heart really says because it hurts someone s feeling even thou what I want to say to them is more loving but they dont want to realise that!! I need it aswell and I know that I am infalliable.

D L Moody talked about drawing a circle and starting with me when he talked about a revivial. Why shouldnt he start with me!!

It says in the bible without faith it is sin!! and I want to live in faith rather than unbelief!!
I know I am a sinner but I need Jesus so bad!!

Dominic Shiells

 2006/11/21 18:07Profile

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