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Joined: 2006/7/31
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 Re: Rick Warren on youtube

For those that are interested there is also an article about Rick Warren at the following link

The article is graphic in nature due to some of the subject matter just to warn you.

God Bless

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Quote: You know, if you don't want to hear or read anything negative, don't read the Bible!

Yes, I agree, let us read the Word of God and let us obey what it says about the words of our mouths.

I have heard no discussion of false teachings in this string, no quotes from his writings, no detailed disertations on a book, just the trashing of a man with an eternal soul.

Be negative if it pleases you but be negative in obedience to God. Two wrongs don't make a right.

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i've heard it put this way...
the first two chapters of the Biblke and the last two chapters of the Bible are what God's perfect will is...the rest is the story of redemption from the sinfull, fallen nature of man!

 2006/11/17 14:41Profile


I have heard no discussion of false teachings in this string, no quotes from his writings, no detailed disertations on a book, just the trashing of a man with an eternal soul.

A quick search of this forum would reveal to you that Mr. Warrens teachings and books have been discussed, examined, debated, etc to the point of nausia.

Perhaps you might wish to avail yourself of this.

Mr. Warren is a false teacher. While I would agree we should not mock someone like him, we are perfectly within the teachings of scripture to examine his public teachings in light of scripture, and expose them for the heresies that they are. Perhaps in doing so, we may lead a soul to a true and lasting relationship with Christ without all the extra baggage of false teachings that is so prevelent today.

You're new here... please review everything that has been written on this forum concerning Mr. Warren before jumping to conclusions about us. I dont think we need to rehash every jot and tittle of his false teachings whenever there is a new thread about him. What a waste of everyone's time that would be.

Everything that has been written on here about him is available for everyone to read.


 2006/11/17 15:06

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I agree with KD Button BUT I liked Rick Warren until I got on this website. Now that I have researched him myself after what I heard, I now realize he is a false teacher and I tell others that they can believe me or not but match his teachings up with the scriptures and decide for themselves.

Whatever we hear here should be brought back to the sciptures. If God is not in it and then it is gossip I guess.

Leonardo Santana

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You're new here...

You are right! and this website is open to a world of people...perhaps some who are curious about Christians, and I think some might look at the trashing and the mocking and the internet gossip in this and several of the other threads and say....

"No way!!! Why in the world would I ever want their Christ"

There is an evil that comes with false teachers and there is another evil that bites and devours and mocks.

For which evil does revival tarry?

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*claps kdbutton*

I used to come here all the time to learn about scripture, listen to fantastic sermons & read challenging articles.

Krispy, good on you for pointing out something that isn't biblical. We don't want you to ever let things go if they contradict God's word.

However, these days I tend to be sort of nervous about coming on here. It seems all the great stuff I learned from the resources and community has given way to an unhealthy fear of everything I encounter being unbiblical.

I finally realized that the attitudes (like a sarcastic remark "Oh, is he [Rick Warren] still around?" that shoots the conversation to the ground) have made me nervous.

Now I trust almost nobody that preaches, and now I leave this community (the site) each time feeling like "Oh I can't trust that preacher either" - instead of "Wow, God has revealed another aspect of His plan to me" or "Wow, I just learned such a valuble key to being holy" or "Wow, I'm so driven to praise, or to petition"

I have seen that there have been many posts of late regarding the tension that has arisen during conversation in this community, yet I'm not convinced anything has changed yet. 10 Mintues on this forum would tell you Rick Warren is not well recieved, yet you negatively and sarcastically shoot it down again. This is not another discernment ministry (aka often "Witch Hunt"), but a site on classic sermons & revival.

I used to come here to find reccomendations for good sermons. Maybe I'll just go back to downloading heaps and sifting through them to find the best. I hope this community changes back to the helpful way that it was.


 2006/11/18 6:20Profile


Has there ever, in time, been such a time as this time and what we face today?? "I'm ok, you're ok, everybodies ok" lazy religious mentality won't stand in this day and certainly not in that soon coming TERRIBLE DAY of the Lord . . One must make distinctions concerning doctrines, whether they be of Satan or of Christ. Discussions must happen. That is something commanded of us. If you can't, where does the problem lay?
Not enough knowledge of the issues surrounding us? Then may I suggest one studies to know and become equipped. Get off your duff and learn. Enough of this blather about it all being gossip and un-Christlike. If there is a question that needs an answer? -- ask it. Don't make accusations when you don't have answers.


 2006/11/18 9:47

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I am very new and asked in another forum about Rick Warren. I understand you don't want to rehash, just please tell me how to go about finding the previous discussions? My church did a study on Purpose Driven Life a couple of years ago and for some reason, I never could connect, but never got into the study far enough to know why? I agree, the sarcastic one line zingers does nothing to inform or edify.

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Santa Cruz California


Hello Sister Sherylanne, and welcome to this wonderful site. Here is a link to a very good e-book about the PDL. If you would like more, I can supply them to you.[url=]In THe Name Of Purpose[/url]
Actually, here is another link too
On this page are links to many articles regarding Warren and his teachings as well as his involvement with new age teachers etc.
Please pray as you read these, that you will not become fearful or cast down, but instead rejoicing in Him who has given you His Spirit to guide you inot all Truth.
Blessings to you

patrick heaviside

 2006/11/18 13:01Profile

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