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 A Disturbing Message -campbell

[b]A Disturbing Message[/b]
[i]by Duncan Campbell[/i]

“This is what our age needs, not an easy-moving message, the sort of thing that makes the hearer feel all nice inside, but a message profoundly disturbing. We have been far too afraid of disturbing people, but the Holy Spirit will have nothing to do with a message or with a minister who is afraid of disturbing. You might as well expect a surgeon to give place to a quack who claims to be able to do the job with some sweet tasting drug, as expect the Holy Spirit to agree that the tragic plight of human souls today can be met by soft and easy words.

Calvary was anything but nice to look at, blood-soaked beams of wood, a bruised and bleeding body, not nice to look upon. But then Jesus was not dealing with a nice thing; He was dealing with the sin of the world, and that is what we are called upon to deal with today. Soft and easy words, soft-pedaling will never meet the need.”

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 Re: A Disturbing Message -campbell

The church today is so geared toward 'nice' that it knows nothing else.

All your supposed to preach today is love, because no one gets hurt, or saved for that matter.

Playing church games must make God sick.

The word of God tells us not to grieve the Holy Spirit.

How many preachers think of that before they enter a pulpit?

God bless.

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 Re: A Disturbing Message -campbell

hi, can you send me a link to this disturbing message your on about.

If you could send it to my email that would be great.

yours in Christ

Dave G


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