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 We are not passing a criticism on the ministry:

The coming of Revival:
When God’s people become so concerned about the state of religion that they lie on their faces day and night in earnest supplication, the blessing will be sure to fall: I have been long in the habit of praying every Saturday night till after midnight for the descent of the Holy Spirit among us. Page 362

This generations eyes have no vision for eternal things, there ears are deaf toward God: page 369

God’s Splendor:
The days of god’s splendor and renown have always been the great days of prayer. God’s great movements in this world have been conditioned on, continued and fashioned by prayer. God puts himself in these great movements just as men have prayer. P 369

We are not passing a criticism on the ministry:
But we feel it to be high time that somebody or other declare to its members that – effective preaching is conditional on effective praying: God can mightily use the preacher who prays: p 371

If prayer be left out of account, the preacher rises to no higher level than the lecturer, the politician, or the secular teacher that, which distinguishes the preacher from all other public speakers, is the fact of prayer: p 413


Leonard Ravenhill
Version: Submitted Date: 2003/8/30 14:12:15
Ravenhill talkes about meeting D.Campbell in 1954 and speeks of Campbells vision of hell.


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 Re: We are not passing a criticism on the ministry:

Link to the message mentioned:

Leonard Ravenhill

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