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I posted this on another thread. I hope it blesses you...

I hope you don't mind if I get in on this conversation. I'm a little new around here. This is also a little long, but I hope you read it. I ran a Christian Rock station for a while and it's a little different BEHIND the music than it is in front of it like the average person is.

Going back to the original poster's article, I think I agree with the original premise, but he has taken liberty in certain points.

Rock is distinguished from other music, as is punk rock, hip-hop, and other genres that have evolved parallel to or out of it.

The biggest problem I have found with much of modern music is that its first aim is to feed the flesh not the spirit. This can easily be seen in how arguments arise out of discussing it. The fact that it even has to be defended should indicate its pull on our lives sometimes.

The argument regarding music always ends in a stark debate. This alone shows the condition of our hearts. Some of us have become so enamored with music that it has even become an idol in our lives. There were many times in my own life, especially during the radio years that I was absolutely obsessed with the music. I couldn't get enough of it.

But this is the draw of music as a tool of the enemy sometimes; to draw us away from a relationship with God and into a place of self-centeredness. Remember Adam and Eve? Satan took the emphasis off of God and put it on them. He made Adam and Eve focus on what they wanted instead of being content with what they had. God had given them everything in the garden but the one tree. But the devil convinced them that that tree was the ONE THING they NEEDED! So, by him turning their focus to themselves instead of God, they disobeyed God and sinned.

The devil still works that way, and I believe he does it through music. Our focus becomes so much about the music and whether or not we will like it, that we can't even enter into God's presence anymore. We have taken the focus off of God where it belongs and put it on us, just like Adam & Eve did. And in doing this, we sin.

I have family members who won't go to a church unless it has "good music"! That's their test. Not the Word of God or the Spirit of God, but the music!

The test of music shouldn't be style, but the effect it's having on us.. If we can't walk away from it and say, "God I give it to you, I don't need it, it's not the love of my heart, YOU ARE Lord," then it has become idolatry and a stumbling block to us. Music is for God, not for us.

And let me throw this wrench in while I'm at it if I may, God doesn't NEED us to play music to be worshipped! Did you know that? Can you worship Him WITHOUT music? If you can't, then perhaps music has too strong a pull on your heart. God is concerned with the adoration that is offered from our hearts, not our instruments.

Let me say that again, God is concerned with a heart of adoration and worship than what comes out of an instrument.

Do you know why God could get more glory out of musicless worship than with it? Because often times with music WE get more glory from playing it than He gets from receiving it.

I couldn't tell you how many times I've heard through worship leaders I've worked with how they've been asked to play a conference, but when they get there they run into musicians who were haughty and uncooperative because they thought that they were the better musician. To some, it's a competition to be seen and noticed rather than invisible and surrendered.

I believe this is why hymns were big on WORDS and small on MUSIC. Because it was the words that led people to the throne of God, not the music. The music helped, yes, but it was what they were SAYING to God that led them there and not whether or not they liked the song or its style.

Notice that one focuses on God, the other focuses on "me". Like with Adam & Eve, if the devil can take my emphasis off of God and put it on "me" then he's won.

I implore with you, don't be like I was and let music become an idol in your life. If it has a hold on your heart then jettison it. Losing that intimacy with God is not worth the moment of pleasure.


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TaylorOtwell wrote:
I come from a background as a Christian rap artist (although I have since left that style of music), so I may be able to offer an insightful response.

I notice now looking back on my music, that every song was always to be "the best" rapper, or the best with the words, or the best beats. The whole genre, secular and Christian, is soaked with pride. And that goes back to the roots of the style. It was always "who can make the most clever and complex play on words".

My whole taste in music has changed since I started to follow the Lord seriously.

I think that a few things to consider when deciding about music is, how is it presented? does it sound like it is just copying the world and substituting Christian lyrics? and who are the band memebers?

I notice now, most new CCM band members are in there early 20s, some in their late teens. Why should I trust them to lead worship? I don't know anything about them. They are my age. I think it is best if you can find out information about who the people actually are first, so you can see if they would be trustworthy.

Just a few thoughts... :-)


You make some very, very good points, and they parallel my expreiences too. The closer you get to God, the further from the world's image you get. "Draw nigh unto Me, and I will draw nigh unto you," the Lord says.

Your mind isn't enamored with things that feed the flesh and mimic the world.

Doesn't the Bible say: "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you"?

God calls us to separation from the world not amalgamation or imitation.

I believe that's where allot of people miss it with the mixture: There's something of the world in their hearts that hasn't been surrendered to the Lord yet. They still cling to the world, but under the guise of Christianity. Then they wonder why signs, wonders and miracles aren't following them.

Perhaps it's because we have a divided heart.

It was so difficult for me to walk away from the radio station, but God told me clearly that I had a choice: deeper intimacy with Him or the radio station. I have to tell you, my heart wanted all God had for me. I was desperate for Him, and once I dropped the music, it was like the Holy Spirit flooded my heart and God became more real to me than I had ever experienced before. It was awesome.


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roaringlamb wrote:
This is a pretty good article regarding music today.
[url=]Article About Music By Steve Camp[/url]

But to change the world is to believe in "dominionism" [CCM]. That's a false religion because the world will never be changed regardless of the "Christian" effort to do so. Understanding/re-recognizing that will help put worship music back on track ... presented solely unto God, as it should be.


 2006/11/11 9:51

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