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 Are you dead yet?

i just wanted to "lift up" this wonderful message, it so stirred me, i could write very much on it...but instead i just recomend you listen to it very prayerfully. So if you have one hour over from this "buzy" world, sit down and listen to a lifechanging message

A Grain of Wheat by Major Ian Thomas


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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Are you dead yet?

This is a powerful message! This is the ways and workings of God. Those that dead are alive! are you dead?

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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i just wanted to post some reviews by other people....

The Way of God! (November 02/2006)
Reviewed by: sermonindex
"The Way of God" is much different then "the way of men". Oh to realize the fact that to die is to live! To be dead is to be Alive! Oh for the resurrection power of God to be in our life's afresh and anew.

Grain of Wheat (September 26/2005)
Reviewed by: dullrainbow
Wonderful!!! Wonderful teaching sermon quote: "The life that he lived qualified him for the death that he died; The dead that he died qualifies you to receive the life that he lived." "This is the genius of the gospel," "this is the true Christian life." With earnest, and heartwarming humor this message crys eternal truths.

drvic (September 14/2005)
Reviewed by: drvic
Life changing truth for any believer!

So profound (August 24/2005)
Reviewed by: gpet17
This is a prophet, a man speaking from the heart of God...These are gems of Truth from God to his children

A Grain of Wheat (May 09/2005)
Reviewed by: bluey
Thank you i really enjoyed that it was what i needed to hear,it did my heart good. I will listern to it again sometime, it has lifted me up know end. From your sister in Christ Jesus Margaret

One of the Best Sermons You'll Ever Hear! (November 30/2004)
Reviewed by: Gregor
This message by Ian Thomas has thouroughly impacted my life. I have listened to it more than a hundred times over the last two years and I can't hear it enough. Give it a listen, then hear it again, and again, and again...

the ways of have to die to live, give eveything away to gain poor to be rich.... broken to be healed....

we HAVE to die before we can live.... are we really dead?


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