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It's fine to think and be open minded but please keep in mind that you are "assuming" as well. The scriptural evidence is actualy in support of at least a white garment. To speculate that we will not have a garment but be naked is to "assume".

God bless, John

 2006/10/29 7:47

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I was considering the responses I made in this thread... It was really the difference between Occam's razor and over-analyzing.
I've looked for a more complex answer than was needed to try to explain some of the less well defined aspects of heaven. While others have taken Occam's approach and cleaved it down to the most simple answer.
My response was not gracious enough to the point of view of others. Since we don't know yet there's really no where this arguement could be concluded in a amicable way. Since the jury is out, I wager this as a draw, yet i won't press that end, since its impossible to fully defend the unknown.

Ian Smith

 2006/10/29 11:28Profile

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