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 Revival Hymn Help!

Brothers and Sisters can you help me ascertain which sermons and times in the sermons these clips are at:

RAVENHILL: "We don't spend half an hour with Jesus but we'll spend two hours in a movie house. And Paul says...etc."

RAVENHILL: "Take this from an old man, there is no finality to the Christian life this side of eternity."

TOZER: I also don't know where the A.W. Tozer quote is from where he talks about school.

RAVENHILL: But I don't have the part where Ravenhill talks about Wesley printing Bibles, hymnbooks, and dieing worth about $30.

thank you for the help.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Revival Hymn Help!

The Ravenhill quotes can be found from the sermon "What is Your Life".

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 Re: Revival Hymn Help!

I can't help you on the where and when but if you were blessed by the revival hymn you will like this:

"A Revival Sermon (compilation)"

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 Re: Revival Hymn Help!

Brother Greg,

The last Ravenhill quote is from the sermons Sins of Laodecia. It's actually not in audio form on your site, only video.

The second Ravenhill quote I believe is also from that sermon, but the 2nd part of the quote ("We pray that some of us would attend our own funerals tonight etc.") actually does not come after the 1st part of the quote. I don't know which sermon it is from.

As the poster above already said, the first Ravenhill quote is from "What Is Your Life?"

The Tozer quote, while I do not know for sure which sermon it is from, I could probably point you in the right direction. He starts by saying "He who is from above is above all" from John 3. I think you have all his sermons from the book of John on your site, so have a listen around that area.

Hope that helped! That revival hymn caused my life to ricochet!

Dustin Savage

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