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 Will be taking a break from posting

Overall I have enjoyed SI. However I must step back from posting anymore.
1. I will soon not have time to post. I care deeply about some of the topics discussed and feel I need to add my 2 cents worth. However I will not have time to give good posts.

2. I have learned alot of good things from the fellow posters. I have also seen once again some who think they know more than they do. And they could say the same of me and they WOULD BE CORRECT. There is the temptation for me to answer all questions and with that temptation there will be error. So if I refrain from posting I will not have to worry about posting certain errors that may stumble some.

3. Lastly I will give this warning. We are like teenagers who think we know sooo much more than our "spiritual parents" who have gone before. It continues to amaze me. No wonder we see so little revival in America.

I will continue to check the site and partake of the wonderfull sermons and I will glance ant certain threads, but I must refrain.

I thank you for being patient and kind over these past several months.
God bless you all, John

 2006/10/16 10:02

Joined: 2006/6/28
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Dallas, Texas

 Re: This will be my last post


I will miss you, dear brother. Your posts reflect a maturity in Christ. Also, you are especially kin in that you are a National Guardsman like myself. PM if you have time and we can keep in touch. Come home soon!

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2006/10/16 10:25Profile

Joined: 2004/7/7
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 Re: This will be my last post


Will miss your balanced perspective of things....but you are a human being who also needs to grow in your walk with the LORD, like everyone else here. "Iron sharpens iron.." We are "like a tree planted by the rivers of water..." and I am told a tree keeps growing until it dies. Describes the human condition quite well.

I suspect that since you are military, you are so used to giving orders and people will jump when you say jump and walk when you say walk. Somehow, in the Christian walk, things are not that easy and rapid because you are dealing with a power far greater then what you do in your line of work.

BTW: I used to work with an Air Force LT. Col. and one of his characteristics was impatience with Christians, e.g. the faulty doctrines that motivated them, the inconsistencies in their lifestyles and thinking patterns...

Will miss you... perhaps after a time you will get so motivated you will post again...just do not make a vow it will not happen! :-D


Sandra Miller

 2006/10/16 10:48Profile

Joined: 2006/9/13
Posts: 3156

 Re: This will be my last post

Dear John,

I am so sorry to see you go. It has been difficult for me to understand how we identify, and learn to move with, the rest of the Body. Often I feel like running . . .

So if I refrain from posting I will not have to worry about posting certain errors that may stumble some.

. . . but if we don't stumble, how do we learn to keep our eyes on Jesus?

Even though I do not know you, I have a sense of sorrow and loss.

In His Love,

 2006/10/16 11:35Profile



you gotta provide comm checks every now and then.

Believe me, I aint telling you what to do, heavens no.

If your rotating thats one thing, you cant be sitting at a computer, but if you're getting impatient with some of the fussing, join the club.

we're all just clay vessels working out our own salvations with fear and trembling...thru a glass darkly, but selfishly I been praying for you and your unit, so dont cut the link....


squid bartle in Jesus' love

 2006/10/16 11:49

 Re: Johnny

O.k. I didn't expect some of these responses and I am sorry for my short sightedness.

Again, PRIMARY reason. I will soon be too busy to post and I must put my foot down on myself so that I don't do careless future posts,(like the one I just previously did).

I will do a "comm check" later on. Again I will still be enjoying SI sermons and threads!!!!

God bless you all, John

P.S. Bartle I know there will always be "fussing" that won't go away till the Lord returns!!! God bless !

 2006/10/16 11:58


message recieved.

blue alpha roger tango lima edward out.

God bless you.

 2006/10/16 13:31

Joined: 2006/6/28
Posts: 3405
Dallas, Texas

 Re: no copy

Hey, Navy boy,

blue alpha roger tango lima edward out.

is not Army lingo. Brother John ain't no Cracker Jack barnacle-remover in bell bottom dungarees. If you want to be hooah, you gotta say it like this:

"bravo alpha romeo tango lima echo, out"

How copy, over? 8-)

Bro. Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2006/10/16 17:23Profile

Joined: 2002/12/11
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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11



Thank you for your maturity in your post here. I appreciate your heart and do spend more time with the Lord. I am looking forward to you coming back with fresh passion, vision, and zeal for the Lord. Bless you dear brother.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2006/10/16 18:01Profile


romeo echo.




 2006/10/16 19:55

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