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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Prayer & Revival Conference - Thy Kingdom Come! (Paul Washer's Organisation)

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 Re: Testimony from conference

'“Satan wanted up; Christ went down.” Bill McCleod'

"I can never go so low in humbling myself that my Lord has not gone lower."

Satan wanted up

[b]Christ went down[/b]


O Thou Terrible Meek,

Let not pride swell my heart.
My nature is the mire beneath my feet,
the dust to which I shall return...

...low as I am as a creature,
I am lower as a sinner...

...lowest abasement is my due place,
for I am...
...less than nothing

before Thee.

[i]-Selections from a prayer titled[/i] Pride [i] from The Valley of Vision[/i]

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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Here are some photos from the conference:

[b]Paul Washer[/b]

[b]Bob Jennings[/b]

[b]Bill McCleod[/b]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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