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Let others reply. I don't intend to return.



 2006/12/15 13:53

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Quite a long thread on a very difficult topic. I don't plan on giving you a history lesson on Erasmus either (and there has to be lies about that forerunner), due to the fact that tyndale's 1525 "buried" translation, is avaiable at in modern typeset, to see the orignal english and gasp, variants.
Personally it's best to look at English this way, started 1525-1534 and the K.J was in 1611, that provides so much time for a malicous translator to cut out valuable wordes called by churches and kinges as heresies. Thoughts and not agruments, alwaye in love do I preache.
I Beleive in turning the light on for believers in Christ Jesus.

Terry L Merritt

 2007/2/16 16:28Profile

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